How can I get flawless skin on my entire body?

My skin is smooth and firm, but what products can be used to make my skin perminently flawless? (not airbrushing)

Answer #1

Diet Exercise Easy on the makeup Avoid prolonged sun exposure Hydrating lotions

Answer #2

drink drink drink water! water seriously helps soo much! but dont drink too much water try scrubs or butters for your body and body lotions when you get out from a shower good diet always helps and the hair, skin, nail vitamins always help and always moisturise!

Answer #3

Perhaps this is just my opinion, but I don’t really think that there is a way to have absolutely flawless skin. Human bodies are flawed – the only perfect ones out there are ones which have been altered by Photoshop..

If you’d like good skin then staying hydrated, not wearing any makeup, moisturizing, and avoiding any stressful situations to skin otherwise can help, but nothing can guarantee flawless.

Answer #4

Find a nice ex-foliating body wash and moisturise after you use it, works for me :)

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