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How can I feel confident about my game?

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I recently joined my schools basketball team. This is the first time playing basketball in my whole life! It's not that I am unathletic or anything, because I am. I play soccer, I swim, I play volleyball and I run trackand I am very skilled and good at those sports. But,for some reason, I just have never cared for this sport and I just do NOT understand it. Depsite all those things, I decided to join this year, which was a VERY big mistake. I mean, I thnk that I am OKAY for a beginner because during my very first game, I scored a lay-up. But my first home game is this Monday. I am SO nervous because my boyfriend (who is INSANELY good at basketball) wants to come watch and his friends are coming. I really do not want him to come watch me suck. :( I am afraid that he'll be embarressed by my terrible skills. I know that I shouldn't feel this way, and I know that I shouldn't care what people think of me, but that is just hard to avoid these days. Any tips on how I can overcome this fear? I am so nervous, my stomach is in knots and everything. :(