How do high school gymnastics work?

I want to join the gymnastics team and I was wondering how it worked, do all the girls have to do everything, floor, vault, bars, beam?? or can they choose?

Answer #1

I’m sure they are very FLEXIBLE on choices made by the students. Ba dum tssss

Answer #2

my friends where in gymnastics and had to do all the activities/choices

Answer #3

In my gymnastics team, we got try and experiment with all the events and then pick what events we liked/ felt more comfortable with to practice so we can participate in meets. I don’t think you have to do everything. Just whatever you like. If you already have something in mind, then just go for that event but it’s always good to give other events a try too.

Answer #4

Oh and you don’t actually have to participate in meets but they highly encourage you to. :)

Answer #5

haha lol

Answer #6

ok thank you so much! im afraid of the vault! lol

Answer #7


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