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What will be the next big team game after football?

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Football started up in more than one culture, and was The game for centuries, but it's changed a lot since its early days. It's portable, and played on lots of formal and informal levels to suit all abilities and entertainment possibilities, but we're just about at the limits of what we can do with current tech. Even if it remains dominant, it will likely change again. If fusion power comes in as a source of cheaper energy, maybe zero-g stadia would be the next big thing. If energy became too expensive to allow mass travel, or the population grows too large to allow for bigger stadiums, maybe there'd be a better way of 'being there' whilst still being at home with your friends. If we colonise Mars, would we still play in low-g? Instead of watching it, neural processing techs might allow you to directly experience the player's game-actions and emotions via a head-set. If you could choose for your baby to have the genes that enable superb ball-skills and so on, so they could become a great future player, would you value that choice - or would you want to have other skills in the mix as well? Feel free to share your visions of the football future?