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I'm not sure whether or not to continue volleyball? Read on plz its complex c:

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Ok so I just started getting interested in volleyball around March, and I'm about to go into my freshman high school year. I tried out for the team like 3 weeks ago, didn't make it. I have always liked the sport a lot. I played basketball a lot of my life, never got amazing at it, never aimed to either. I love that sport too. But volleyball has been my main focus over the past couple of months. I did camps, really liked it. BUT I don't see the reasons why I should continue and try out next summer. I want to improve and stuff, but I feel its on the basis that I want to excel in the sport and show those coaches that they made the wrong choice. Its a lot of time and money to continue to train, hire a personal trainer, go to camps, especially join a club. Now I know I'm not the best, but neither were the girls who made it. Should I continue or not? Please don't say that "do what your heart tells you" because my heart doesn't make decisions.