Who invented the radium clock?

i need to know for school and i keep looking it up everywhere and im not getting correct results…..all that comes up is alarm clock,clocks mechanical clocks and other types of clocks,and radium clock dial,s and it doesn’t say the name of the inventor anywhere it just keeps saying who discovered radium and its getting on my nerves lol.

Answer #1

Marie Curie

Answer #2

i saw her name but it just kept on saying she discoverd radium

Answer #3

William J. Hammer was the first person to mix radium with zinc sulfide and glue to make glowing paint for watches and clocks in 1902. He got his samples of radium directly from Marie Curie.

Answer #4

There is a story behind a commercial compound called Undark that was used primarily by the military to illuminate gauges, dials, watch faces, gunsights, and light switches. It was a copy of Hammers original radium rich and radioactive “glowing paint”. Large numbers of women worked for the U.S. Radium Corporation, the main company that dealt in radium paint or “undark”. They were encouraged to lick their paintbrushes to make them sharper and finer, while applying the “undark” to the fine marks and hands of the watches, dials, etc. Almost all of these women eventually developed severe jaw disorders and other various life threatening things from ingesting the radium. Many died from cancer or radiation symptoms. There was a huge lawsuit involved and the Women went public with their case. They were called the Radium Girls. I think their case is a good milestone in the history of employee rights. Also a good example of corporate immorality and thus the need for regulation.

Answer #5

Wow - Very interesting and informative post. Many thanks.

Answer #6

ya i eventually found William j hammer and read a little bit about the girls getting sick from ingesting radium from licking the paintbrushes, but i didn’t get all that information….thanx :)

Answer #7

It was William J. Hammer who invented the radium clock.

Answer #8

i found out that william strutt actually invented it

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