Does anybody know anything about significant figures (chemistry)?

The amount of significant figures in a number. Learning about it in Chemistry.

Answer #1

for numbers without decimals start at the end of the number and go to the first nonzero digit to begin counting to the left

for numbers with decimals start at the beginning of the number and go to the first non digit to begin counting to the right.

for numbers in scientific notation use only the base number to determine sig figs.

when multiplyin and dividing keep the lowest number of sig figs from problem and answer.

Answer #2

I’m just confused. You explained it differently than my teacher…

Answer #3

oh what are you confused about its really easy this way.

Answer #4

What a coincidence! I’m learning the exact same thing in Chemistry. For my homework tonight I had to watch a video about significant figures and takes notes. It’s pretty easy to understand. There are a lot of helpful videos on YouTube but here’s the one I took notes on: “BrokenYouth” pretty much explained what it was but if you’re anything like me, I’m more of a visual learner! Hope the video is helpful!

Answer #5

Idk… :( its hard to me.

Answer #6

This helped me so much! Thank you! It’s easy the way he explains it. :)

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