Have you ever asked what are we doing on this planet?

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i don’t understand this :P>

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It’s like, a lemon in the desert, lying under a coconut tree, finding shelter, shade, in the tree.

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so mysterious :O> like my sport Drink? check my last status post :P>

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Asked who?..or what?…coz no-one knows and no thing knows. Some people think we are an alien gene experiment gone wrong,or even right?some other alien heads think the Aliens put us here to mine gold and one day they will come and collect it? …i aint heard much else…I reckon we are here to be tested if anything…we can do anything here,bad stuff,good stuff and very bad stuff going onto extreme no boundrys sick twisted stuff…this planet is hell…we all die and go to heaven,some come back (reincarnation) and the best stay in dead mode in heaven….i cant see much sence in us being able to think like this ,we are a freak of nature.Yeah i said We,its not just me lol.

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hehe :P> well i know xD> but i wanted to know “if someone had asked that”

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At some point in their lives, every person asks themselves this, whether they realize it or not. Whether it’s a serious contemplation of their purpose, or simply an exasperated “Why the duck am I even here right now?” As for answering it: there truly has yet to be an answer that isn’t individualized, and even those answers are simply created by the people asking the question of themselves. Everyone’s looking for a sense of purpose, no matter how small.

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sorry, couldn’t understand {there truly has yet to be an answer that isn’t individualized} may please simplify it? :P>

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Every answer to exist so far has been one that a person has created for themselves. In other words, it’s impossible to create an answer that applies to everyone, other than procreation, but then what’s the real purpose of that?

Answer #10

what if: “what” brought us here had a purpose for us? whether it was a force , power , someone (as a creator) or nature. and what if “That” who/which got us here, had sent us the answer? not an answer from us for us. what do you think?

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Keep the human cycle going….long story short before it starts, the more people that are born, the more crazy sh*t that the earth will go through.

Answer #12

is this William’s purpose of waking up tomorrow & surviving?

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Well then, that would depend on the existence of a “What” or “Who,” and a person’s belief in it. Then the purpose would be that purpose, wouldn’t it? I’m not sure what your question is anymore.

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the sentence “not an answer from us for us” Might cause confusion :P> & mix the brain :P> any i meant with “not an answer from us for us” THAT Answer is not made By humans, Not made by us, not made by the ones Asking, But it’s an Answer from “Something/someone” that knows, & just gave the answer :}> i hope u understood :}> note: i believe that i could find that Answer, -not human’s guess & Answer- ,but from a knowing one.

Answer #15

No. But I have an answer. We’re destroying it.

Answer #16

destroying is our purpose? :O> !!

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