What makes the moon so reflective?

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The sun!

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Yes I know that. But that doesn't answer the question. I know it's light from the sun, but what is in the moon surface, that makes it so bright at night? Is the ground made from tiny crystal particles that make a reflective appearance? Kind of like the reflectors we put on bikes and on tail lights of our cars? So I am asking what is in the moon (the actual lunar dust and dirt particles).

And if possible, What is the closest thing that we can use to differentiate lunar rocks from our rocks? And which rock here is the most similar from the ones in the moon.

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Because the sand and rock on the moon are of light colors, like how a white wall would reflect light, so does the moon. It's just the way things work, the lighter the color is the better it reflects the light. Why my dad says it's safest to wear white when walking at night time so that way cars can see you more easily.

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Ahh fair enough answer. I like it, and it does have some logic in it. Thanks a bunch. xD

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The moon actually shines from the light of the sun reflecting onto it.

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