How is it that when you freeze a bee or fly you can make them come back to life?

Answer #1

i tried it once and it didn’t work.

Answer #2

what happens is … when they are exposed to the cold temperatures in your freezer.. there body goes into a pre-hibernated state. they basically thiink its winter adn they fall asleep. you can try dethawing the bug with a hair dryer. but you have to have patience of it wil remain frozen… and dont put in a microwave..lolol.. but yah its super fun to do . i do it all the time. and when they revive again, i feel like god brining it back to life..lolo

Answer #3

I did that, I froze a fly and tied a piece of cotton thread around it, I let it fly around after I defrosted it and would just reel it in or let the cotton unwind, I named it Mr Turbo lol

Answer #4

Lol that’s funny

Answer #5

u can’t bring them back to life, Only god can, but you can defreeze them, and the previous answer of leensey is good enough :}>

Answer #6

Most insects have something about their blood that prevents ice crystals from forming. When the crystals form they break down the celluar integrity and kill the thing. Same concept with freezer burn. Try eating a meat product that was covered in ice crystals, itll taste terrible.

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