Why does our planet have such an ugly name?

What lovely names the other planets have… Mars, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter etc. Then there’s us. Earth. Terra. dirt. EARTH. Yuck. I hereby re-name us SOIL.

Answer #1

lol thats funny. never thought of it like that

Answer #2

I think the most palatable name I know for it is probably GAEA… but I think the most suitable name for such a rotund and massive body would be “BEARTHA”

Answer #3

Because the other planets have nothing going on and we need to get serious here.

Answer #4

it has an an ugly name cause its an ugly planet

Answer #5


Answer #6

Or why not use “Tellus”.

Answer #7

Better Than Gertrude…

Answer #8

Earth. It sounds like another name for poop. Like, diarrea, constipation, “stool”, etc.

Answer #9

It should be called Bob.

Answer #10

Can you imagine the Martian tourists?? :D “On you right you will see Planet Bob”

Answer #11

I think of it as a tectonically volatile dirtball that we need to escape asap. Earth is dying. We need to move away from our home, or work our magical science to heal it.

Answer #12

People living on earth Is worse than the name of the Earth.

Answer #13

iris , what do you think

Answer #14

I like the name Earth. I think it sounds pretty.

Answer #15

I love the name of our planet. It just sounds really soothing to me.

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