Why doesn't nasa send another man to the moon?

I was not even born when the first man land on the moon and put the american flag. I would like they would do that again it wouldnt be so hard to repeat that again why they dont do it again. What do you think? tell me please thank you. I mean it was only one life chance to watch this.

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It wouldnt be so hard to do it again? It's expensive, possibly dangerous, and there's no reason for it. NASA doesnt have that kind of money to just send people to the moon for the purpous of watching the rocket take off. Maybe if you empty out your piggy bank and check under the couch cushions, you could get enough money together to have them send you to the moon.

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Well basically there is nothing left to "see or do" on the moon, so funding would be wasted....
Conspiracy nuts also suggest the moon landing was faked all along :O

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because it cost BILLIONS of dollars to send someone there.plus we've already been there so there's really nothing there that's important

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If you want, and you have like... 100 to 150 million dollars, you can go to the moon yourself. Oh, and you'll also need to pass a requirements test among other things so good luck with that. Side note, before they started doing this, it's been 40 years since someone has actually been sent to the moon. Reason for that is because machinery is a much more cost effective way of doing space related things anyway.

So no, spaceflight isn't billions of dollars and there is a company out there that is shooting people into space. Check it yourself:



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yea there are ppl who can pay a whole lot of money and nasa can send them to the moon

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I can't help but wonder if the moon landing was fake :)

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Maybe because theres no autual reason to go back up to the moon gain :L

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To add to the other answers here, NASA also isn't receiving anymore government funding, so who is going to pay to send another team to the moon? NASA can't afford it ... at least not yet. They're working on some things to raise funding, but they haven't managed to come up with enough money to justify sending out a redundant excursion.

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The funding isn't there. And the equipment is out of date, because of the lacking of money. Most of those space shuttles you seen on TV are fairly old, but its the best they have. They do some shuttling between the International Space Station and Earth, but that's about it.
Also, (as others have said) the Moon has been retired to a "been there, done that" status. NASA is now working on things like maned missions to Mars and such.

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The Apollo program happened when the US was in an arms and technology race with the USSR. The USSR already beat us into space launching the first satellie the Sputnik and sending the first man Yuri Gagarin into space. The US made it a priority to reach the moon as a sign of our technological prowess. The moon landing was also a legacy of the JFK presidency's commitment to the task. Now the technology race is more focused on the transformation of data into information, information into knowledge, and using knowledge to optimize our decisions.

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Havent Youve Seen The Documntire? Watch It And Youll Find Out. Its Crazy.

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but a big moon can not be explored fully alredy right? we have not diggd in to it yet for example, who knows what to find down there

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