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Summer Job what are somethings I can do???

My mom is making me get a job next summer but theres nothin to do. I cant babysit because I have a short temper so I dont do good with kids! but im only 13(14 in July) so what are somethings I can do???

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How often do they test the military for STD's?

It's a long story, but I was just wondering how often they test them.. or do they just test them in the beginning?


Can a convicted felon work for the federal government?

Can a convicted felon work for the federal government, ie Corp of engineers, EPA ect..


Magazine company keeps saying that I owe them money?

Ok I got a little problem I've been getting these notices from this magazines I used to read I'm not gonna say what kind they are so please don't ask. Any way they keep telling me I own them money which I don't because I never asked to have my subcrip...



How do you get on disability,
and would severe depression and rheumatoid arthritis make me eligable?


What jobs will hire me with a pending charge?

I have a job interviewing coming up. I was recently denied a good job cause I had a theft charge show up on my background that is currently still pending. Therefore I haven't been convicted. Is there a chance I might get denied again? Or should I come ...


Being forced into Accounting. I hate it.

So my parents are absolutely forcing me to go into accounting. My brother is a Chartered Accountant making over $100 000 a year and my sister is well on her way as well. The problem is, that my brother and sister both aren't exactly my role models. My ...


How much do social workers make with a Masters?

how much do social workers make a year if they have a bachelors degree,master degree and high school diploma


found a "Pot of Gold", what would you do with it ?

My son's homework says. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. If you found a "Pot of Gold", what would you do with it ? Write a few sentences and tell me.
I have no clue about The Pot of Gold thing. Can someone help me please. I will appreciate it so much.


Babysit with a friend?

I am scared to babysit at a stranger's house alone, so I was thinking on doing it with a friend and splitting the money.
Is that a good idea? Or should I just go on my own? :/
I dont care about only getting half the money, I was just wondering if may...


How do I raise my credit score?

My credit score went to crap. how do I fix it?


How much does a BMW mechanic make?

Well its going to be about 25 days before I graduate from high school. At this point in time, I kind of feel like I don't know who I am or what I want to become. I was wondering if anyone new the average salary of a BMW mechanic. My original plan was t...


Do you prefer online job applications or paper job applications?

I just filled a paper job application that i get at the hotel and when i went to left the application they told me that they dont take job applications that i need to apply online so i get mad and i tore up my paper application in front of them. I was ...


What age do shoe stores like Footlocker & Footaction start hiring?

I really want & need a job. I loveee shoes. I'm thinking of working at a shoe store like these but I don't know if I can. Help?


Is there another way to make money?

Is there an aternate way to making money without going to work is there a way of making money by doing nothing. Thank you.


getting a job job in alabama?

is anyone else having trouble finding a job?? its like impossible to find a job in alabama.


Research centers that pay?

Ok so you know how you can go to research centers and they ask you about stuff there company is promoting and your opinons.. Well who knows any other compannies that do that? Plaza research center is the only one I've gone to so far and I earned 50$wo...


What kind of jobs can a 14-year-old have?

What kind of jobs can a 14 year old have?


How far back are employers allowed to go for background checks?

How far back are employers allowed to go into someones criminal record for department store work?


What places hire for felonies??

My boyfriend is in jail right now and he has felonies on him... And he gets out in december and wants to get a job.. But we arent to sure what places hire felonies.. I would apperciate it if anybody could give me a list of places that hire felonies...


Can a 15 year old work for a daycare ?

Is their a requirment for it or something ?
Oh and in la near san gabriel , rosemead or valley


Is anyone Hiring in St Augustine,Florida?

I've been back in town for about 2 months now and STILL cant find a job... im looking for administrative work office work or really anything.. I have a sales and customer service along with clerical background..if anyone knows of anything.. please l...


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