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Do you think even the worst product can survive with good marketing?

I mean most people know that fast food is bad, but everybody eat it anyway. What do you think?


When do you work the best?

Pretty simple question: when do you do your best work? It can be any kind of work - homework, job work, house work, etc. What time of the day do you work best in? I'm just curious because it's 11 pm here and I can't get a darn thing done. Literally, I'...


Can I sue Pontiac for my car accident?

I just recently got into a car accident in a Pontiac. My friend was driving and I was in the passenger seat, there was also someone in the back. The driver ran into a tree going at least 40-45 mph.I was wearing a seatbelt but the air bags didn't deploy...


A bank card question.

Please read carefully:

Can you use a bank card to buy online game currency (Furcadia in my case) IF you use paypal? Because they have a thing called a Digo Market, where you buy the online currency and characters and what not, and paypal is an optio...


job permits

I can I get a job permit

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How to deal with having no money and a lot of debt?

I have no money and big debt, What I do?


What places are hiring 15 year olds?

What places are hiring 15 year olds?


How can I find a job at 14 with all these difficulties?

I am 14 and I need a job. Paper routes are not the same any more; you have to have a driver's licence. I can't mow lawns because everyone I know has kids of a land person to do it for them. I can't babysit because my mom doesnt want the kids at her hou...


How to make money fast kids?

How to make money fast kids?


Will I get rejected from lowes?

I just got my final interview at lowes a couple of hours ago for an overnight stock position. I have 0 criminal offenses, 2 minor speeding tickets, but my credit is really bad. I defaulted on a few cards after I lost my job. I need this job to pay o...


Abroad Contract/Fulltime Employment for a Convicted Felon

How does a discharged convicted felon get hired for an abroad/international fulltime/contract job? Example Iraq or Afganistan locations???


What jobs can I get with my ancient history and archaeology degree?

I've just finished uni and looking for a job that could be relevant to my degree


Fired from walmart

I was a cashier and walmart says I cashed a check for a customer and then gave the check to the customer and they say they have it on tape but wont let me see it. I disagree but they said there was no other way but to fire me. Now I want to know if I c...


How can I get signed onto Hollywood Records?

how can I get signed on to hollywood records?
I cant send a demo in because that would be against the policy HELP!!!


How can I recover my ATM pin?

So I've had this debit card for awhile but I haven't used it and they said I could activate it by checking my balance at an atm machine. I got the card two months ago(I usually carry cash so I haven't needed it), anyway I don't remember what I made it....


A nice job

Where can a 14 yr old find a job that will pay her.


Make money quick without parents knowing?

Do I have to ask again? How do I make money quick without my parents knowing???
Please don't ssay the usual stuff lllik.e dog walk... My parents would know then


Can a convicted felon become teacher in tx, or another state?

My boyfriend is a felon for domestic violence on hos ex-wife and he about to finish college for teaching? And I needed to know is it still possible for him to get his license in texas or should we move to another state so he can get his license? Are ca...


Can two people in the same household both have PayPal accounts?

I was just wondering, because my mom has one... and I've been using hers. But, I have my own bank account now and would like to make my own PayPal account. Can I do this without somehow getting my moms deleted? I don't want to violate their terms or a...


How much is 750 pounds woth in america?

How much is 750 pounds woth in america?

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How can I get a job am 13

How can I get a job am 13 and my friend is 14 and we both wanna work togheter

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lifeguard for girls only.

ok I've decided I want to be a lifeguard when im older (even though ill probably change my mind) but would I have to wear a tampon in case I had to go in the pool on a period ?


How do you guys handle rude customers?

i had this lady throw money at my face cause she said i raised the price, i had this guy curse at me ??


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