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How to survive a breakup

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Hiding money from the IRS

Where can I put my money so the IRS won't keep taxing me on my savings? Overseas? Mattress?


What is most important to you in a job?

as mentioned before I currently have an administration job in an office, however this week there have been some changes and a couple of staff members have moved on. The result of this, is I have been offered a new role in the office. The plan (if I a...


Help I need to send my sick note in

whats the jobcentre head office address in the uk?


Trying to make cute crafts and sell, ideas?

I'm trying to make cute crafts and sell them yo know to make money any cute ideas?


Can a convicted felon work for the federal government?

Can a convicted felon work for the federal government, ie Corp of engineers, EPA ect..


credit card?

is it possible to use my mom's credit card? I'm going to da mall and I dont want to bring cash. I asked my mom, and she said ok, but then don't you have to do a signature when they swipe da card? so then is it possible for me to even use it?


Unclaimed money in mexico

I am 20 years old, when I was three years of age, my father was passed away. My mom took me and my brothers and sisters and brought us here to the u.s, I been here ever since. My father was very wealthy and he always talked about an account he had for ...


I wanna collect unemployment...

Can I collect unemployment if I got canned for 2 counts of gross misconduct? I mean, that's what Wal-Mart called it, but I'm not sure it really is. I just confronted and yelled at a coworker who pissed me off. A few days later, she still didn't apologi...


What do I do about being fired?

ok, so I was hired at Subway on Aug. 4th, and then I was hired at Pizza King later that month. well, yesterday, I turned in my uniform at Subway before I went into work at Pizza King bc I've been working 38 hours a week at Pizza King and im in honors c...


How much would a photo shoot cost ??

How much would a photo shoot cost ??


Can 14 year olds can get a job in Dallas, Texas?

Okay I've been looking on a lot of websites, but I could not find one that would tell me
if 14 year olds can get a job in dallas texas. So can somebody please help me out?


I really hate my job :(

So I'm 15 and I work at mcdonalds. Today one of the managers told me that I don't work fast enough. I told her that I thought that I worked pretty fast and then she told me that if I want to keep my job then I'm going to have to work faster and she was...


How to make a good resume

I have been using templates from the resume writer in Microsoft word to write my professional resumes. Is there a better way to author one without using a template?


14 year old jobs

where can a 14 year old find a job in colorado?


Which humane societys will hire a 14 year old?

the who was just so I could ask the question. I want to save money for a ferret and my mom wont let me get a dog or pay for the ferret. Will MI humane societys hire me?


Whats going on with the gas?

The price of gas is about 3.70 where I live, what do you think is going to happen with this gas issue?


is there someone that will hire a 15 year old ?

I need a part-time job that has flexible hours because im have school
I dont have a permit also I dont really know where I coulld get one and I was looking for a job because I was interested in trying to get one and hoping someone would hire me even ...


How to be an authorized Rolex Dealer?

Does anyone know where can find information about how to become to an authorized Rolex Dealer?


How do I charge people to view my webcam?

I would like to start charging people to view my pics and webcam. I would like to know different ways to collect the money from them and what I will need to do that.


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