What are some creative ways to make money?

Please most creative ones you can think of? :) please dont say ones that have already been said. Thinking for a teen girl.

Answer #1

I made $220 a month donating plasma a few years back.

Answer #2

Selling candy I made $100 a day doing that at school selling friendship bracelets I made about $50 a day doin that

Answer #3

Find an old person 60+ that is willing to hand you money in exchange for services they can either no longer do or have difficulty doing

Answer #4

Seeing as 14 is a little young to get a job, you could consider babysitting or offering to help your neighbors mow their lawns in the summer or shovel their driveways in the winter. You could also try and work out a deal with your parents where you’ll do household tasks in exchange for money (my little brother would clean and rearrange the garage or basement or clean the gutters for $20, for instance).

Answer #5

Wow, that is really impressive. What kind of candy was it? Did you make it?

Answer #6

fetish modeling

i once got paid $300 to pour honey on my toes and walk around on a tile floor…. while shaking a tamborine….and singing elmos song…

easy 300

Answer #7

Oh did you like buy the candy cheap, and sell it for more?

Answer #8

14 isnt young to get a job. Everywhere i’ve applyed hasnt responded yet. I do babysit, need money before the summer, snows already gone for this winter, and my parents are broke. haha thanks anyways :D

Answer #9

Haha! actually! thats friken awesome!!! though it would probably be considered illegal for my age, hahaha

Answer #10

I brought every type of candy u can think of I got it in bulk so it was cheaper I made ALOT more than what I brought

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