What not-so-expensive modeling agencies accept alternative models?

i will do steampunk, burlesque, goth, victorian & 1940s modeling styles…

Answer #1

If you have the looks or body the agency wants, it should not cost you any money. Modelling agencies that ask you to pay them, especially if their fee is expensive, be careful. Best to ring up as many model agencies in your home town, ask them questions and how much it cost to be on their books. Once they “interview” you in person, if you have the look they want, they would sign you up and contact their clients to book jobs for you later down the track. A person who is “model material” would never have to pay a fee, the model agencies want the person on their books to generate revenue for them if the person becomes a successful model.

Answer #2

some people told me that i should be a model as a adult but i cant pick from that or an interior designer! they both seem fun!

Answer #3

One can make a lot of money being a interior designer but you would need to know colour schemes and what furniture looks good in a room etc. I love to be a travel advisor, travelling around the world and writing reviews about a country, restaurants, hotels etc, similar to the Lonely Planet books.

Answer #4

my grandma has her masters degree in interior designing i got it from her when we where finding new furniture for our house i helped my mom and she said she was amazied by what i put together

Answer #5

models make alot too though

Answer #6

but i wouldnt want to be some playboy model or anything creppy like that

Answer #7

my grandma helped me find some of the stuff but she was on a busniss trip during most of the time

Answer #8

Only supermodels makes millions, every day models that model retail clothing stores don’t. Its very hard to become a supermodel unless you are blessed with extraordinary limbs.

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