Are you doing anything to cut expenses this year?

We dropped our dish network tv (800 bucks a year) and went back to the antenna because the tv is rarely on. Still getting about 39 channels. Good enough for the few minutes it gets watched each night. I will miss my history and national geoghraphic channels though.

Answer #1

Absolutely. I am planning an international trip this summer and since earning money is illegal for a foreigner there, ive had to manage my finances very tightly. Every song i buy i see as part of a meal, everytime i think about going to town i figure id rather have a place to stay on my trip.

Answer #2

I am staying home more. No more wasted trips just to get out of the house. Eating most of my meals at home really helps as well.

Answer #3

You gotta do what you gotta do. Saving can be fun when ther is a goal in mind. Thanks for the reply.

Answer #4

Right on. You know, I work hard. Have some bills to pay too, but I kinda developed a way of thinking a few years back of “pay yourself first” so I always keep money back for me before I do anything. Emergency fund, or just there if I need it. I know what you mean about those trips, I’m restless too and just gotta go. ( gonna work on that now ) Thanks for the reply.

Answer #5

I try to preplan my “out and about” chores and incorporate them into one trip rather then running over here then over there, and wasting gas. To that end, I’ve started to do my grocery shopping at Walmart and focusing on just what I have on a list. The reason is they have what they call “match the price”. I go through sale flyers of other stores, find the lowest price and note it on my shopping list. That way I get the specials other stores have going on from one store (Walmart) as they always match the price of any area grocer, drug store, produce market, etc. Nor is it required to drag proof of the other ads, you just let them know what items are a price match ahead of their ringing it up. That too saves me alot of run around time and gas no longer going for tomatoes at one place and the next town over in the opposite direction for the special on eggs, produce, etc. My average savings weekly (not including the gas) just store bought items is anywhere from 15.00-20.00 wkly. The week before Christmas I saved over 50.00 as the turkey was l/2 price, produce was less then half price, not to mention, milk, butter, eggs, etc. 3/4 of my cart was price matched items that other stores advertised as “come ons” I got all their advertised pricings with one stop shopping at Walmart. Granted it does take doing some homework ahead…but well worth it.

Answer #6

Wow you are really on the ball with it. I don’t work that hard at it, but one of my new year resolutions is to quit blowing money.

Answer #7

I just found out about it in October through a friend that’s a cashier there and they all do it too because of the savings. In a month it really adds up.

Answer #8

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Answer #9

Definitely. I vow to create a list before I go to groceries and malls. No more compulsive buying. I’ll eat more often at home as fast food meals are costly. Saving water and electricity is another thing.

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