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Do massage therapist make good money?

im thinking about taking massage therapy as my major and I wanted some outside advice. If I was to pursue wit it do you think it would be easy for me to find a job at a spa or sumthin or do you only make good $ when its upscale places? im going 2 put ...


$$ Hustle $$

any hustle ideas ?? Money makin madness ??


How much does a patent cost?

I have an idea I want to patent, but not sure of thr cost or what to do


Job ideas for a sixteen year old, how do I find one?

I just moved out of my dads house to live with my mom and my sister in austin. And its the first time I haven't had my dads money. So I figured it was time to get a job, and help my mom out. But im only 16 and dont want to get a job in the fast food, s...


Can you help someone do their community service?

My friend wants me to go help him do his community servce . Can I? Can I go help him ? B


How much do nurse practitioners make?

Just that, how much money a year does a nurse practitioner make?

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Nannies as a job?

Is nannying a good job to go into ?
Is it good pay ?
How many years do you have to train to become one?
Do you have to live in the persons house that you are nannying for ?
Can someone answer my questions for me as I really want to go into nanny but do...


Make money fast???

Okay theres this big festival where bullet for my valentine (1 of my favourite bands) is playong, and a couple of my friends already have and are going to get tickets, and I need to come up with some cash for da ticket! I absolutely need to go...
Any i...

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How can i spy some person?

I need voice spying some person. How can i do that? I have found some reliable spy equipments on ....can i use them?


What do you think I can do these summer?

What do you think I can do these summer? Because I dont have any money and I just stay at home every time, im so bored!


How likley is it to get a medical coding job if I am a felon?

I am on parloe for the next 2 years and need to know what you think about my position?


Where can I find a good parttime job while pregnant?

Any advice on where I can find a small partime job. I mean by me being 6 mths pregnant I'm pretty big and hopefully that will not get into my way of doing anything. Any advice? Could I also go to the courthouse and see about a record expungement being ...


Medical Assistant or Medical Billing and Coding???

Who makes more money? Medical Assistant or Medical Billing and Coding?
so many websites says different things and I dont know what is right.


loans for free

loans for free?


Where can I get a summer paper route job?

I live in sunnyvale california henderson ave and I really want a summer job in a paper route any ideas were I have to go???


Is this dress worth anything? Can i still sell it?

Blue dress has large stains (wasn't my dress)
Am i able to sell this? I wouldnt expect anything over 50 for it. But is the damage too grand?


How do you get or find your confirmation number in order to check a Social Security application?

I've created my own social security account and I'm trying to check on something that I applied for. But when I go to the page that asks for your social security number and confirmation number, it doesn't tell me how to get or find your confirmation nu...


Are there jobs in CO for convicted felons?

Are there any jobs in Colorado for convicted felons?


Does anyone work in an Estate Agency?

Just wondering what skills and what qualifications do you need to be employed in an Eastate Agency as a negotiator or something like that...(whatever you call it!)
How did you find your job? - newspapers, internet, through a friend... etc.etc.
Was it h...


found a "Pot of Gold", what would you do with it ?

My son's homework says. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. If you found a "Pot of Gold", what would you do with it ? Write a few sentences and tell me.
I have no clue about The Pot of Gold thing. Can someone help me please. I will appreciate it so much.


Are there real jobs for 14-year-olds?

Can a 14-year-old get a real job??? Like working at McDonalds or a grocery store, etc.


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