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Subway dress code

I was wondering I know the basic dress code but what about facial hair. Because I know mcdonalds makes you cut off your facial hair of you have any so would subway also do that? Or would they not say much about it?


How hard is it to earn a scholarship?

I really want to go to college and make something of my life. but if I can't go to college I won't be able to. since my family is poor. A scholarship is my only hope. and I screwed up BIG time in my freshman year. and am doing decent in my 10th year am...


Can I return something bought with a debit card and get cash back?

So last week my boyfriend bought me something using his debit card. I want to to return it because it's that the right kind.
Will I still be able to return it and get cash back?


How to get some money fast?

hi im nick and I really really want an ATV/Quad/ 4 weeler and I need money in order to get it and I dont know how to get some money fast please help me thank you so much

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Where can a 13 year old work besides babysitting?

where can I find a job besides babysitting I'm 13

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What is the advantage in having an american express card?

What is the advantage in having an american express card? I have visa and mastercard cards but do'nt have an american express card. Should I get one or not?


Anyone know a job for someone on house arrest?

I'm in desperate need of a job to support my family. I am on house arrest and it hurts every day to wake up with no job to go to. I served in the navy for 2 years as a cook so I don't have a problem with hard work and discipline. All I am asking is for...


What the fastest way to make 30,000 dollars?

Whats the fastest way to make 30,000 dollars? I need to it go to school. Cant do financial aid, and loans are 2 little


Baker's Disadvantages and hazards

What are the Hazards and disadvantages of a baker? Please Help this is for my project..thank you! :]


job in newyorkcity

im 15 and live in newyork city and need a job do you know where a 15 year old can work at?


I want to be a psychiatrist, is that wrong?

I know I'm still 13 but I was thinkin about what I want to be in the future today, and I would love to be a psychiatrist, here people's problems and make them feel better,etc. my cousin is already in college and he's studying the same thing, I can't as...


Anyone else take a hit in the stock market?

I guess its my fault for trying. but im a noob in the stock market, I've been messin with it for about 4 months now. and I just happend to buy a couple day's before it dropped big, just my luck right, lol. just checking to see how everyone else is d...


can a felon become a dental assistant or hygein...

can a felon become a dental assistant or hygein...


How old do you have to be to work at Dunkin Donuts?

My aunt worked there for a while and she said you only have to be 14 to work there with a job permit and parent/school permission.
It seems a little young to me though.I'm 15 and a half,nearly 16,and I've been looking for a decent job so I dont have t...

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Where can a 13-year-old work?

I really need a job, but there are not any that I can get. its so unfair. Does anyone know any jobs that would take 13 year olds. I am completely broke


What is a free market?

My idea of a free market is where every community cand develop the type of ecnomy that to them would best suit their needs. Some may go socialist some may go capitilist and etc, etc.

What to you is a free market?


Should I kick my 23-year-old son out?

My son is 23 and still living at home. He is a divorced father of a 5 year old. He does have a full time job and has even bragged that he makes more money than I do. I make less than him, yet still managed to raise 3 kids by myself, buy a used car, ...


What to do while bored and babysitting?

I am babysitting tonight and the kids will be sleeping. I am usually bored cause I cat watch their tv. any ideas what to do?


Make money quick without parents knowing?

Do I have to ask again? How do I make money quick without my parents knowing???
Please don't ssay the usual stuff lllik.e dog walk... My parents would know then


If I receive a cash gift, do I have to pay taxes?

If I receive a cash gift of $80,000, do I have to pay taxes on that amount?


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