What are some things I should say about myself on a interview that sets me aside from everyone else?

Answer #1

i have the skills, talent, and experience to do this job…or u could say, “I’m eager to take the next step in my career.”

Answer #2

Well a lot of people view work wrongly (in my opinion aha), they have the mindset that the work is there for them. If you change your perspective to you being there for the work instead, things will go better. Its not something to say ofcourse, just some advice. So, your there for the work, the work isnt there for you. If that makes sense..

Answer #3

It really depends what work your going for, But say for fast food, You are great at working in a fast pace enviroment, outgoing, (can’t be shy while talking to people) Very friendly and personable with the customers. Dependable, always show up on time, A team player.

Answer #4

Always tell them that you love their product (whether it be fast food or a store). Say “I eat lunch here any chance I can get!” or “I always shop here because I love the _“.

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