Is ok to put your aunt as a reference on an application form?

I need two references, and I haven't had any previous employment. It says to put a personal reference and a teacher or something.. So would it be ok to put my aunt for the personal reference?

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Yes it is ... a personal reference can be a friend or family member.

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You should ask for her permission first but yes you can use her.

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Yes, anyone in the family can be a ref, ask her first before adding her.
Close friends can also be added if you don't know who else to add.

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Yes, you can use anyone, other than your parents, as a reference, as long as they have given you permission. Good luck with your job :)

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I've always been told that you can't put any family member on application forms as they may be biased.

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I work for an Employment Agency in the U.K. (I'm an Employment Consultant) and we DO NOT accept references from relatives. We do accept them from family friends, generally known to you you for five years. You could choose your Aunt and say she is a family friend (they are very unlikely to check this) of course you're Aunt would have to agree to this . What I would do is contact the employer, introduce yourself, ask if they have time to handle a query for you, and just ask them what references they will accept.

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