Do you think home loans are a bad idea; if so, why?

Answer #1

Almost everybody gets home loans. That how you pay mortgage…

Answer #2

For most people a home is the largest purchase they will ever make. Few people have enough liquid assets to purchase a home outright so a loan is the only way they can own a home. Buying a home is a bfd and shouldn’t be done lightly. After the housing bubble popped many people lost their life savings, were stuck in homes they couldn’t afford, or ended up owing more than their home was worth. When everyone thought that home prices were only going up buying a home seemed like a no-brainer but as usual when something seems too good to be true it usually is too good to be true.

Answer #3

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Answer #4

Depends on the type and conditions of the loan

Answer #5

IMO I think now is a good time to buy, if you have a steady income and can afford it. The bubble has popped and housing prices are way down and so are residential interest rates. I bought a house 2 years ago at the urging of my grandparents (who sold real estate for many years) and was able to get a house for much less than it would have been several years before that.

As long as you are fairly certain you will be able to keep a job that lets you make your payments, and you get into a good house I think its a great idea now. I would defiantly get a building inspector to look at any house just before you sign the paper work to buy it. It cost a bit extra, but it can save you from getting a house with structural problems or water dmg or mold.

Have you had any luck on finding some sort of First Time Home Buyer Class?

Answer #6

home prices have rebounded a bit in some areas but you are right that interest rates are a really good deal now. I’d add that in my opinion interest rates can only go up so get a fixed rate rather than an adjustable rate. Buying a house is a pretty big undertaking for a 20 year old though. When I was that age too many things were up in the air with my life so I rented and saved money for a down payment.

Answer #7

Very good points. I have a job I KNOW is very secure, and I have absolutely no plans of leaving the area, as I’m going to own the business in about 2 years. So for me it was a very good choice. I definitely agree on the fix interest loan. Never heard anything good about variable rates.

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