How can I make PayDay Loans illegal in my state?

How can I make PayDay Loans illegal in my state?

Answer #1

You would have to campaign and take companies to court. You would have to compile evidence from a variety of people of what happened to them and why these loans should be made illegal. I imagine it would be expensive.

The following states have made it illegal so research how they went about it:

Arizona Arkansas Connecticut Georgia Maine Maryland Massachusetts (not strictly illegal but highly regulated) New Hampshire New Jersey New York North Carolina Pennsylvania Vermont West Virginia

Answer #2

Lobbyists were required to bust their tails to educate legislators in the individual states.

What you need to do is to find a state senator and/or representative who is willing to draft and sponsor a bill that bans short term/high interest loans in your state.

Google the name of the states that ban pay day lending for information on each state. Here is what I typed to get the Ohio bill: “”ohio state law short term loans”” This will take you to House Bill 545. You can read the actual bill by clicking on HB 545, and you can read the report in support of the legislation. This is the kind of information that will be critical in convincing your elected representative to sponsor and support the bill.

Answer #3

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