What is "agent orange" and how does it affect someone?

Answer #1

Oh, great, are they finding more household products to use like dr-gs?

Answer #2

It was some kind of poison used in the Vietnam war

Answer #3

Agent orange was a plant killer; herbicides and defoliants. The U.S military used it so it would be depriving guerrillas of cover. It worked but it was toxic and ended up killing people, and gave the fetus birth defects. About 500, 000.

Answer #4

Agent orange was used to kill off large amounts of Rain forests so the US could uncover Guerilla strong holds and the likeā€¦ It was a very effective herbicide that would rot everything out within days, out of the 2 products used to make it, 1 is Carcinogenic and the other causes still births and deformities in fetuses

the affects very depending on the exposure, usually blinding, Mutations (aka Tumors), Cancer (lungs, stomach, basically everywhere), still births, basically its one effed up product :O

Answer #5

well, Scientifically speaking, anything that alters your physiology is a drug!


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