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How hard is it, really, to find work?

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I'm not currently looking for a job, and the last time I switched jobs was over 6 years ago so it was a completely different environment. I know my wife (at the time g/f) took about 3 months to find a new job whens he moved back to town and that was about a year ago. 3 months doesn't sound too bad of a time frame.
And I know I have drove by several stores just on my way to work with "Help Wanted" signs up in their windows. But I keep hearing people complain about how hard it is to find work. From the people I know and just looking around it doesn't seem that bad. Might not be a great job, but it is a job.

So really how hard is it to find work in your area? Even if its just something seasonal to get you by for a few months?