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Do you need your dad's permission to work if you aren't living with him?

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Hi , my mom and dad devorced in February 2012 . I'm 17years old in August . I'm about to leave school because I'm not coping with all the school work ext. So my friend called me yesterday and told me that a man and his wife is living on a farm and they've got a job for me and my friend . - training and riding their horses . They will pay me good money and i can stables my horses for free there and the offer me and my friend a house to live in on the farm . The man and woman also live on the farm , they just need help with the horses . I'm living now with my mom , if I have her permission to go live and work there on the farm . Will I need my dad's permission ? Cause he'll simple just say no . He's not really involve in my live , he's just paying my "child surport" money per month but that's it . Do I need his permission ?