How can I tell my mom's friend I can't babysit her kids because they don't listen to me?

Answer #1

Just tell her you would be happy to watch them but they don’t listen to you

Answer #2

But i’m not happy to watch them. I don’t get paind much.

Answer #3

How old are the kids? Maybe tell her you can watch them if they listen and you get X amount of money to babysit

Answer #4

Just tell her you don’t feel fit for the job anymore. Explain to her that you are young yourself and you don’t need the amount of stress that’s being added on to you. Let her know that her kids are misbehaving and that she should have a talk with them :)

Answer #5

I would not babysit hard heads.. For no x amount of money. But I would turn them “all” over to juvenile. Even the 4 year old in diapers..

Answer #6

Lol nice :-)

Answer #7

Just say, in the politest way possible, that you can;t get them to listen to you. The truth is always better in these situations. Tell her that while you like the kids, you feel like you’re too much of a friend to them for them to take you seriously as their guardian for that period of time. Say you think it would work better if she got somebody who didn’t know the family to look after the kids as kids tend to respect a stranger put in charge more than a family friend (you).

Answer #8

Tell your mom that you can not babysit the kids for they do not listen to you. Hopefully your mom will tell her friend.

Answer #9

You could give it another last try with her children, but be different with them? Act the same way they do, not as in put on a paddy and start crying like they do, but talk the way they do, act the way try do.. Just ty fitting in with them and they will react in a nicer way with you.. Or, if that doesn’t work, throw them out the window and explain to their parents you couldn’t take it any more xD! No.. Don’t do that, that’s crazy! But if you really don’t want to do it anymore, you can just say to your mums friend that you don’t want to look after her children because of the way they behave around YOU.. Don’t say that they are bad children & try not to offend the mum, just try your best to explain it too her what problems you are facing & ask if she is able to talk to her children about being more respectful to you and that if they are you will stay on looking after them! Hope that helps:D

Answer #10

Thank you for your advice(: I already took care of it and she kinda got mad at me but oh well lol :P I was nice about it and she was being immature for an adult.

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