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When I fill out a job application, what should my reason for quitting be (read details below)?

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Back in June, I upped and quit in the middle of my closing shift at a Walmart Supercenter (I was the only closing cartpusher on) because after months of worsening depression from the job while I was at work I had finally had enough being around NEGATIVE attitudes. I know that from a potential employers standpoint this was not a good thing to do to just up and quit like that, but it isn't like it was an easy thing to do (I'm a very timid person) and I just finally gave in that day to it.

I guess what I'm trying to ask is, when I'm on an interview in the future and the interviewer asks me why I quit what exactly do I say? I'm having no luck finding a therapist to speak with so far which would greatly help right now. Answers will be appreciated, thank you.