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How would you confront a partner who isn't giving you an equal share in the business? (read more)

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Well my moms friend started a business of her own and she told my mom directly "We're A Team", and my mom acknowledged it and went along. Well her pay isn't what she expected, and she kept her mouth shut until as of now she can't handle of what's going on.. Her boss(friend) just got her shoulder operated on and is out for 6 months(less or more). Now, when my mom is cleaning endlessly and for more hours than usual, she isn't getting paid the full amount, yet her boss is still getting paid, she wants "Spending Money" she exclaimed, and yet she can't move around as much. Does this make sense? My mom is getting less money or no money at all, when she cleans peoples houses for free? She is hurt and doesn't feel the need to work if she isn't getting paid enough or the amount she was supposed to get. Therefore, while she is cleaning, using her supplies and her car to drive to these customers homes and works 2-3 hours cleaning by herself and not getting paid...and yet her friend is, and she's out of work allowing my mom to take over. What can she do? Quit? She'll confront her about it tomorrow..