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Is it possible to cancel a rep-payee for SSI benefits?

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Because of the flooding and continued money issues replacing my stuff, I signed up to get a rep-payee for my SSI check that I get monthly, so I could have someone to consult with to budget my money to replace my things and be careful for the next 6-or-so months. The whole situation is disgusting, however, and is nothing like I'd thought it'd be. I was getting direct-deposit into my account, and I was supposed to get direct-deposit this month because they didn't have a payee available, but the organization i go through got my SSI check, and shoe-horned in a rep-payee last-minute, meaning I didn't get my check, they did. I had to argue on the phone to get a $30 check on the first that I couldn't even spend because I had more costs I needed to cover than it would, and I won't even be getting any more until the 7th because I was only JUST able to meet with the person today, so I have no money for food, clothing, toiletries, hygiene or anything else that I absolutely need. In addition, my new payee was very nasty over the phone (though pleasant in person) the first time I talked to her. She also is being extremely frugal with how much she will give me on a weekly basis, and I probably will not ever have enough money week-to-week because she's being so cheap with MY money. I've had other disgusting problems with this organization (my mother was forwarded an email where a worker called a family member of mine a "wacko" because they called him out for not doing his job), and I do not have the capacity to put up with idiocy or nasty workers with my recent health problems. If the situation does not improve immediatly, I'm tempted to see if there is any legal action I can take. Any suggestions?