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Prescription hcg

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Can I get birth control pills from another doctor?

I have never used birth ctrl pills and am scared of going to my family doc... is there anyway I can see other doctor and get my prescription


Is stopping medication to blame for premature ejaculation?

The guy I am dating was taking an anti-depressent drug, I think it was zoloft, for about 3 months. A week ago, he finished his prescription. Now, whenever we have s*x, he ejaculates too soon (after a few minutes). Sometimes he hasn't even realized he's...


Overdose of ativan

My husband just got a prescription of ativan he went out drinking im talking heavy probly case or more of beer and took 4 ativan can this cause him to over dose and what do I do if he does


Is this a yeast infection?

If you have a whitish discharge from your vagina and it smells bad, it is a yeast infection right? Well I have that, My grandma said it is a yeast infection? You can get yeast infection prescription over the counter right? I told my mom and she said yo...

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Do you have to be a certain age to buy over-the-counter thrush treatment?

So, I wanted to know if a 15 year old can buy over-the-counter treatment for thrush (which doesn't need a prescription) in the UK? Or do you have to be a certain age? Thanks! :D


Herbals or glasses making him lightheaded?

My friend Seth was taking Alfalfa and now just taking kelp. He thought that the Alfalfa was making him lightheaded so he stopped taking the alfalfa. But he is still feeling lightheaded. Could that be from the Kelp. Also the feeling of being lighthead...


How do I swallow a really big pill?

haha yea I have trouble with these things. I have a prescription for these HUGE allergy medication pills and I can barely swallow them. and everytime I do I start to choke lol. how do I get it down really quick and choke-free?


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Does a sore throat last more than a few days normally?

The doctor gave me about four prescriptions today for my on going cold...thing is, I've never had a sore throat this bad. Apparently it's a result of previous issue I had, which I got amoxicilyn for...does a sore throat usually last for more than a few...


Watery disharge - missed period

My period is 2 days late and I have very watery discharge. I had a hCG blood test done yesterday and it was negative. Is it possible that I could be pregnant even thou the test was negative and is it normal to have watery/white discharge before you sta...


What's the best way to detox?

I am trying to clean my body out of prescription pain killers and I need to know what product is most effective. I dont have a drug test coming up, I've just gained a high tolorence now from my meds but please help. thank you


Is six days after fertiization too soon for a positive pregnancy te

Assuming you know the exact day you have intercourse, and fertilization occurs, can you take a urine pregnancy test six days later and get a positive result. Or does it need more time for implantaion to occur before enough HCG will develop?


Uti infection

So I went to the doctors and they said I have a uti(urinary tract infection) well that was last month they gave me some prescriptions, well I took them all and I cant get them refilled
I got my doctor bill and nearly shot my self
I cant go back because...


Is this allergies?

I have sinus and headache problems what can I do to end this all? ivegone to doctors taken prescripted to herbs to over the counter and teas or whatever and I've beenlike this for a looong time when isay long I mean like a year or two..non stop..pleeze...


How to help back pain and pneumonia?

My dad has pneumonia right now. It's even worse because he has chronic back pain and the two put together make him almost suffocate. He has a prescription medication, but hasn't been admitted to the hospital. What are some ways I could help to distract...


Anesthesthia + pot?

Im getting my wisdom teeth removed sometime next week and I went for a pre-op. They told me to tell them about any drugs that I've I asume they mean prescription which...I havnt taken any. Is it ok to smoke pot before? Im not sure. =s


How long does Vicodin stay in your system?

How long does vicodin stay in your system? I weigh 102 lbs, I have a fast metabolism and I do have a prescription for it of course. The last time I took amy was today Saturday the 21st and I may have to see my PO on Tuesday or Wednesday. If I don't tak...


Non-Opiated Painkillers

So I recently f**ked up my shoulder at work and im going to the doctors tomarrow to get some painkillers, the only problem is that I've had a history of becoming highly addicted to prescription painkillers. I end up taking about 6 at a time and im dope...


How long will darvocet stay in my system after only taking on pill?

I took one darvocet recently for a toothache, but I don't have a prescription, it was given to me. And I have a drug test coming up soon for a job interview. How long do you think it will stay in my system? I regret taking it, but I couldn't handle the...


What do dr.s give you?

I am going to the Dr.s soon once an appointment is made to finally do something about my PMDD, and does anyone know what the Dr. is going to or prescribe? Anyone else who has or had this problem that could share their knowledge would be great, because ...


What is happening - Tongue/Vigamox?

Okay so I've been really sick lately. And I got this new prescription eye drops called Vigamox (it's for bacterial pink eye).

About a day after I started taking it, my tongue got a little swollen and it still is, and in the tip on the left side ther...


why are his headaches so bad?

my friend has been having huge headaches on a daily basis so he wen to the doctor and the doctor just said it was genetics and sent him off with a prescription. the medication it not helping at all. it just keeps getting worse. i know doctors are profe...


Lately I've been feeling really tired and my back and shoulder has

Lately I've been feeling really tired and my back and shoulder has been aching, now my nibble has been feeling sore and frequent urinating, I waited 2 weeks and took the pregnancy test and it came out negative. Did I take the test too early and my HCG ...


Doctor Patient Confidentiality for Minors (17yrs Old)

Okay. So if you are on the Depo Provera and you need to get the prescription renewed you need to take a pregnancy test, incase you got pregnant while you were on the birth control. Well if you are pregnant and 17 years old (in Georgia) would they tell ...


bacterial infecion =(

ok so I went to the gyne and they called me back and said I have a bacterial infection (yeast infection I guess) and I have to be put on an antibiotic. well they called my prescription into the pharmacy and it came to $81 effin dollars! I dont have tha...


How to confirm my pregnancy?

on my15th and 16th day of menustration I took 2 injections to increase hcg level according to my physicians consult . but today I have passed the 45th day of my last menustration.I took the urine test on the 35th day,the result was I am w...


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