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Heavy period after surgery?

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On the 18th of this month I had tubal ligation. Everything went great except I got a small infection from one of the outer incisions. No worries. However I just started getting spotting about 2 days ago and today full on got my period. The cramps have been way more light and easy then they normall are which is a plus. But my actual period has been twice as heavy and... 'chunky' then it normally is.

I asked a friend who has had this done as well and she said she had fibroids but doesn't know if it's from the tubal. Before my tubal I had a vaginal exam and they did an vaginal ultra sound and pelvic ultra sound. I was never told about fibroids. I haven't had any real change in anything else since, except my period being a little heavier than usual. Do I have anything to worry about or is this normal?