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Can being friends with your ex harm future relationships?

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So ive recently broke up with my ex and were still friends, it was more of an agreement to break up cause theres no way it can work out.... well i really like this guy now and he likes me alot to.... but even though were not dating we talk about it... and he says it could never work since im friends with my ex.... which i can understand since he dosent talk to any of his exes but im just friends with him and i think not talking to him would make me kinda sad since hes always been some1 i can talk to hes kinda just one of the few good friends i have... but i can see why he dosent want me to talk to my ex he says theres always a small chance that i might start liking my ex or start having feelings for him..... i guess im just kinda confused and wanna see what other people think about this situation or what they would do... cause i just kinda feel i have to choose between them and idk if every other relationship i have is gonna be this way because im friends with my ex....