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who do you complain to when your doc is treating you bad

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i made a appointment with a specialist..paid 300 dollars waited weeks till i got the appointment than 2 and half hours in the clinic.once doc came he didnt let me expalin my pain he only reviewed what i wrote on the question air and the mri results.i am trying to tell him its bothering me alot but he would interrupt me and say have arthritis get the shot.. than i said my other specialist said i dont have arthritis and than he said we can do the shot now w....hen i said can i think about it he got mad and said "than step aside and think about it..and i was still hesitant and not sure what happend to the weeks and hours of waiting for this app ..he saw us for a min and didnt even let me talk than i said uhh..and he said i have papers to complete step aside..when iwent back to the waiting room to think about it..i asked the ladies infront how much is the shot and she said the doc reconsidered he wont do the shot and said to go back with my other specialist..he has no business saying that?? i wanted a second opinion..if i wanted to stick with my firs specialist i would have not spent all this money for nothing..he embarrassed me and left me hanging ...please your thoughts??