Pimple like bump on my right breast.

I am 16 and I have had this pimple like bump before and I went to my dr and had him look at it and he popped it and puss and blood came out and it went away. that was about 3 to 4 months ago and ever since then it has been fine. But now it's here again in the same spot. It looks exactly like it did before. I also have lumps in my right breast and I had them chack too and the dr said he wasn't concerned. So should I just wait a couple of days and then see if it goes down or go to the dr.

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Are they those lumps you talked about on your right breast little pimple like bumps around the areola? If so, that's normal, most women have them. As for that one bump that appeared again, it sounds like it's just a regular pimple since he could pop it like that, it's one of those spots people complain about getting acne at like back - backne, or on the chest. If you are concerned, I would get it checked out again by the doctor just in case. Never hurts to be safe.

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To answer your question if they are pimple like bumps. No. it is just one pimple in the same spot.

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