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What is hard pea size painful lump on my inner wrist, mri was neg?

I have a painful lump on the inside of my wrist. It is protruding outwards. it is about the size of a pea. I had a mri which said there was nothing there, but this lump is clearly visible to anyone looking at my hand. what is it?


What can I do to alleviate some of the pain in my wrists?

Im a receptionist so i work at a computer all day. I think due to repitition im getting some RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) in my wrists. Does anyone have any tips to ease some of it?


Is there laser treatment for scars?

Is there and does it work? How much would it cost? Do I need it if my scars are faded from using other things, but I need them gone because some one asked about them yesterday and I didnt have an excuse, so I need them gone a lot
Help !!!


Are scars easy to get rid of ?

I was in a car wreck a few months ago , some glass hit my arm and left scars , but I don't think the glass got past the first layer.Are there any ways to get rid of them besides doing to the doctor ?


How do I hide it?

how do you hide your upper ear piercing from your mom if you have short hair andit donst cover your ears and just got done and cant take it out yet until 3 months without getting it infected?


Broken wrist?

Whats that ball thing on your wrist called? Like okay,... look at your right hand face down. To the right of your wrist theres like a ball like bone thingy there. What is it called? And can you break it? Because I think mine is broken. And yes, I've b...


Wrist hurts

My wrist hurts a lot and my hand shake a lot to. To hold something for a minute it would shake even a sheet of paper. is is carpel tunnel or is it a nerve thing. When I hold a fist it feels strane. Please help


How do you get rid of wrist pain?

Ok when I do weight training I do curls to strengthen my biceps and everytime I put the bar down I feel pain the wrist and wait for a couple of seconds before I can turn it normally again is there anything I can do about this problem?


How can I prevent my mosquito bites from scarring while easing the itch?

I have 24 bites, they're all massive, swollen and really really red. I tend to scar rather easily and I really do not want these bites scarring up my legs; at the moment I look like I got beat up.


What's wrong with my wrist?

It's been hurting really bad lately, I did nothing to it..
my mom won't take me to a doctor cause she says it's just been hurting but it's been hurting for longer than a week. it's not unbearable pain, but it sure is annoying.
anyone ever have pains in...


Is my wrist dislocated?

okay so today i was sitting on the floor in school, and when i got up i put force on my left wrist and i heard it crack nasty, and it started hurting so bad, then right now i'm looking at it and there's a bump in the middle of my top wrist. can it be d...


Did I fracture my wrist?

OK my mo jut got a Gazelle an when I was folding it up it shut really fast and m why forearm was in the way and now it is swollen and painfull to the touch.Could it be fractured? I have a brace on and it is still throbbing and swelling


Funny Lump on my wrist

Well Im 13 and have this like pea sized lump on the plam side of my left wrist, its quite hard like a bone that has poped out but I dont think it is, does anyone no what this could be or do I need to go to the doctors?


I have a major pain in my wrist

I have a major pain in my wrist and I dont know what it is or how to make it go away. its on the lower side of my wrist and its sending sharp pains up into my hand and almost down to my elbow well not quite as far as my elbow but like to the middle of ...


How do I diminish scarring?

From a cut that I had from falling, I have developed a yeast infection on both sides of my legs. The itching has become out of control and now I have scars on my legs. With summer coming up, I'm embarrassed to even wear shorts anymore. Please help, wh...


Chaffing scars

Over the years, I have always been overweight. My thighs have been chaffed for what seems like 20 years. Because I am an African-American, the chaffing rash now looks black, accompanied with little bumps. My question is exactly what is it and how do...


Biting left permanant scar

Ok so my girlfriend bites, me really hard, of course I love it, but she bite me so hard on my left arm, that theres a black teeth mark scar on my arm, and its been 2 months, and its not going away, and there is a small bump where the scar is. Is this a...


How to stop myself from cutting and hide it?

What are some things I could do to distract myself instead of cutting. I'm not sure how else to put it. Also, what do I say if my parents see? I mean they have, but I've just been using that my cat did it. Any suggestions would be fine.



How to help my friend who cuts her wrists?

my friend cuts her wrists. I dont know what to do, her parents allready know about it. but nothing is really happning, she tells me that its just really hard to stop and I've been trying to help her but I dont know what to do anymore, I've told her whe...


My Wrist hurts a lot and I don't know why

A few days ago my left wrist started hurting and yesterday I realized that there is a big bump on the top right hand side of it (above a bone in my hand). Only the top half of my wrist hurts and something similar to this happened around last thanksgiv...


Rug burn scar???

alright a few days ago I got a rug burn on the side of my right eye. now part of the scab has come off and the skin that was underneath is still red. also if I touch the red skin it still burns slightly. does this mean that I did not heal all the way a...


Wrist pain from typing too much, what's the best way to relieve it?

Earlier today, I got an exploding, sharp pain in my right wrist, my guess is from typing too much. I'm on the computer all day at work, and then I chat with friends in the evening online over IM (I'm also on here a lot). However, today I got this horri...


Tips To Reduce Scarring?

My cat, in a feeble attempt to get away from the dog, attached himself to whatever he could find - namely, my face.

Now I have some deep long cuts on my face, that although they won't stop bleeding, are not serious enough for stitches, but they will...


Will the cut in my arm scar?

I had a pretty long (7 inch) cut along my arm, that has been about 1mm deep. About a half after this and a month, I have a bright red / pink line where it had been, that is pretty lumpy. I would apply TCP to the cut while it was still open, but the sca...


my wrist is killin me

k so I know I have carpal tunnel and I go to my doctor on the 26th to see if I need surgery but I'm freaking out about work! what should I do, wait til the end of summer til I go back to school or let it recover over summer and get it done asap


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