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Brown discharge after getting fingered, is it normal?

When my boyfriend fingers me, I always bleed a little, and the next day I have a brownish dischage. is it normal? or should I worry? im not a virgin.

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Is clear vaginal discharge normal when pregnant?

Hi all again! I am having a blood test next week to confirm pregnancy. The consensus is that I am... However, I am experiencing quite a lot of clear viginal discharge throughout the day and night for around 3-4 weeks now. Normal?


Pink discharge after intercourse

What could cause pink discharge after intercourse?
My period was 2 weeks ago but it was really weird; it came for two days, left for two days, then came back for 2 days. Could something be wrong with me?


Is this a pregnancy sign?

Well my stomache feels kinda tight and round the bottom does too ?

Also when I bend down its feels abit strange if ya get me :l

And I also havnt been sleeping right. I keep wakingup early hours ?


Can cum cause pregnancy?

I looked at a question That said Cum can cause pregnancy, is that true???!!! I thought only Sperm could cause pregnancy!!! I swallowed a little of my boyfriends cum today and need reassurance I'm safe!!! *Becomes nervous*


How do I know if it's my period or pregnancy?

what's the big symptom that differs getting your period from pregnancy?

I looked up symptoms for both and it's the same thing so I don't know if I'm getting my period or I'm pregnant.

my period's already 2 weeks late. and I have no way of getting a p...


brownish vaginal discharge before period?

why do I have thick brownish discharge? It's like having a period before my period. I suffer from leg cramps, heavy bloating, extreme fatigue,depression and a thick,brownish discharge for three to four days before I actually get my period. Please advise.

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why do I have thick brownish discharge? It's like having a period b

why do I have thick brownish discharge? It's like having a period before my period. I suffer from leg cramps, heavy bloating, extreme fatigue,depression and a thick,brownish discharge for three to four days before I actually get my period. Please advise


Am I pregnant or is my period coming early?

i have experienced light cramping and light bleeding a few days before my period is due the bleeding is much lighter than my normal period and earlier. I have breast tenderness and some nausea. I'm confused.


Hardness and Pregnancy

Question: Okay, I have heard pregnant people refer to hardness in their stomach or whatnot. Can someone describe it? What general area is it in and how does it feel? Also, around when does it show up? Thank you.


What is this discharge when my boyfriend fingers me?

Um well like when I my boyfriend fingers me (or someitmes when I do) this like white kinda not lump but like small white bits come out (only sometimes) like is it just discharge or what... because I know when my "cum" dries out on my finger it turns li...

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Peeled Sunburn to Early

So, I got a nasty sunburn on my face and I peeled it too soon before the layer of skin underneath was ready to be exposed. Now, the top layer is reddish-pink and very sensitive. What can I do about this to reduce redness and pain?


vaginal discharge question

ok, this is a little embarrassing but I've noticed that the discharge in my underwear has gotten almost sticky looking. it's either clear or white so there's no color change and there's no odd smell. is there still something I should worry about?


Pink Discharge? Could I be pregnant?

I've startedto produce pink discharge last night/today but I can't be pregnant can I? I'm a virgin but I do have a boyfriend. Whenever me and my boyfriend do things together it is always with a condom on so we're extra safe. But could I somehow be preg...

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Why do I still have discharge after my period?

I've already had my period for a few years now, but like every hour of every day I get this white stuff in my underwear.. I know its called vaginal discharge..but is it normal to have it after your period? because I see people saying its normal before ...


Is this much discharge normal?

I have quiet a lot of discharge. During the day I think I produce something like a teaspoon. It's basically see through and only sometimes white. I'v had this since I was about 14 and I am 18 now. Is this too much or is this maybe normal for my body? W...


Okay brown discharge... giving you infor this time

yesterday my boyfriend fingered me. And today I have brownish discharge...
Id if I should go to the doctor's or to the clinic.. aka planned parenthood...

anyone help?? might it just bee a scratch or something?!!? help?

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Can weed cause a false pregnancy test?

Okay so I am 11 days late and I've taken many different home test but all were false. I am not taking birth control or using a condom either. I do smoke weed on a day to day basis. Could that be why all the test are false?


Brown vaginal discharge.. Normal?

Just recently I have been getting light brown discharge on my underwear. It comes every day and sometimes its bloody as well. I have been having painful abdominal pain randomly and lots of back pain. I've had this discharge for about two weeks and I am...


Why is the like this discharge stuff coming out ofmy vagina?

Im almost 15. I started my period like a year ago, and since then, I've had this wierd discharge like everyday. is it normal? does it go away?

and I dont want my boyfriend to like finger me and get all nasty :(((

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Will I be safe against pregnancy?

hi... iam just 20yr my boyfriend always kisses me (neck ,lips breast) and also touches or squeezes my breast(inside bra) an huggs . I dont take any candom or conterceptive pill. is it safe. not to get pregnant.

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Does brown stringy period discharge mean anything?

does brown stringy period mean anything?
it lasted 7-8 days just like my regular period...and it was a lot lighter
I mean could it be cause of stress
the fact I started running not to long ago
or something else?


Why am I having brown discharge?

I finished my period about a week ago today,but a couple of days after I finished,I've been getting discharge with a slight brown tint to it,also with tiny stringy like dark bits to it,its only in my discharge though,I have had this before but only lik...


Discharge that smells like poop / fart?

okok so I have this smell like it smells like fart/poop and I have a LOT of discharge and im also "sweaty" down there I have very good hygiene I take 2 showers everyday and I know that its not a yeast infection oh and the dischatge has a smell too... ...


How can I get rid of a brown discharge coming out of my vagina?

Well, its like a stain that comes out of me and gets on my panties. I do wash though and wash my clothes. A while back I was using a baby detergent. It comes in a white jug with pink and blue writing on the front. You get it from any grocery store. But...

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