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Vinegar and brown paper bag to help a sunburn?

What can help a sunburn? I tried Aloe and it's not working at all... Help, it really hurts...


Why does my stomach ache now that I'm on crutches?

I am on crutches since the beginning of this week and today my stomach hurts since I finally went to school yesterday(fractured my ankle). My arms hurt. Am I getting stronger? also my stomach hurts, could my stomach be tightening up? I'm not exactly sk...


What does breast tenderness feel like while pregnant?

If you are pregnant, what does breast tenderness feel like? Is it different then, when you are on your period, and they hurt? Like my period stopped a week ago, and my right breast hurts, like a kind of shooting pain, I guess I could say. And I never h...


Signs of an infected piercing?

what are signs of a infected ear piercing for ex. is your ear supposed to hurt a lot and be red or abnormal amount of time?


Both breast are sore for last 2-3 days???

Both of my breast have been hurting for 2-3 day but I just finshed my period a week ago, what is going on?


Pregnant .. Stomach was squeezed?

This might be a dumb question but im in my ninth week of pregnancy and my dumbass brother squeezed my stomach tightly[ he doesnt know im preg].. Is that something to be worried about? Could it have hurt the baby ? My stomache doesnt hurt or nething and...


itchy vagina when I wipe, do you think this is a problem?

alright, for the past 2 days my vagina has been really itchy and it hurts not when I pee, but when I wipe it.

I'm not quite sure what it is and I just got done with my period so I havn't been doing anything with my boyfriend lately, and still conti...


Can a tampon break off inside you?

can a piece of a tampon break off inside of you but the rest off it come out? I am not saying that this happened but about a month ago I started using tampons and it hurt so damn bad oh my god but it still hurts down there and I was just wondering if a...


Why do I have a very bad pain in my stomach every night?

Ok so I have been having a very bad pain in my stomach every night. It dont hurt during the day at all but at night it hurts so bad. To the point I start to cry. I have had this like last year but it went away for a few months but came back! I don't kn...


A bump on the back of my piercing, is that OK?

I just got my ears pearced in january 30th on the top of my ear and now it hurts...
and I have a bump on the back of my earing im scared...
the earing is stil in their


how do I get rid of a headache caused from crying?

long story short I have been crying all night and well into this eyes look like hell and my head hurts so bad!!! I feel so exhausted right eyes sting everytime I shut my eyes to try to sleep and my head is pounding!!!

how do I ...


When I lost my virginity my vagina bleeds an smells?

I just lost my virginity. and my vagina hurts a bit and it's bleeding a bit for the past 3 days. it also smells quite strongly. is there anything to worry about?


what does it mean when you have real sharp pain below your belly and sometimes its pressure?

it even has pain SOMETIMES when i pee.. like sometimes if you touch the bottom of belly it hurts bad what can this be


Why do you think I feel liike this?

Ok so my stomach has been hurting for a whole week now.
And its the kind of hurt I get when im about to start my period.
I was supposed to start last wednesday (6 days ago) but I still
Didnt start yet. It looked like I was ovulateing yesterday. I've


smoking with braces

if you smoke with braces on, is it bad for your braces, or effect them?
it probably doesn't, but just checking.
and I know smoking is bad. I don't need a lecture on how it hurts your body. I just want an answer to this question.


what causes a stomach lump just above the belly button ?

I can feel a lamp in my stomach. It is not as big and it is right above my belly button. When I press it hard it kind of flattens until I can't feel it any more. it does not hurt unless I press it. What's is this lump. Any ideas?


Huge nipple, is it normal?

I have small boobs
Im 14
My nipple... Its roundish and large, inflated kinda... Just looks like a lump... Not a normal adult nipple

Is that normal?
Like... Puberty or sth?
Or is it bad...?

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3 months pregnant

I'm three months and my friend poke my stomach really hard. She didn't mean to she had no clue that I was expecting. SInce then my stomach has been hurting is that a sign of miscarriage??

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What does it mean if my piercing (left earlobe) is black?

Like, when I take out the earring, the hole is black and surrounded by this black...colour I geuss? It doesnt hurt at all, and its not leaking anything, and its fully healed.


What are these blood and pus-filled bumps on my groin?

Im 14 and for a while I had these bumps on my pubic area .they hurt and after a while if I squeeze them they ooze pus then blood. First one comes then goes away then more come. What do I do


blood and pus filled bumps on vagina

ok...I'm 13, and since I was 11 I've been getting these blood and pus filled bumps on my vagina. they never completely go away, and they hurt really bad. what are they and what can I do about them?

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How to fix sore neck after sleeping on it weird?

I guess I slept on my neck weird,or something,because I woke up and it hurts.
Its like my lower neck,where it goes into my shoulders and back.
I've tried ibuprofen but it didnt do much.


Ingrown toe-nail :(

I have an ingrown toe nail on my big toe (most sensetive to me) and it hurts soo bad whenever I bang in into something or even when something touches it!! What can I do to get rid of my ingrown nail??? Ps: im not going to a doc...

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Whats going on with me?

My stomach is kindof hard, & when I push on it, it kindof hurts. Also, when I push on it sometimes, I can feel my heart beating, like my pulse. What do those things mean?
Oh, and what ate the signs of getting alcurs?


Why does it burn when I'm getting fingered?

Well I've been fingered more than once. And before it doesn't hurt but all of a sudden its starting to burn? is this normal or is it a bad sign? I've always used protection and when I'm getting fingered its fine. just recently getting fingered really b...


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