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How old do you have to be to buy condoms?

I know I sound stupid asking this but I really never knew what age you have to be?
Im not saying that I want to buy them
I was just curious


Where can you buy a syringe?

so, does anyone know were I can buy a seringe?? (needle the doctor uses for shots) its not for drugs I swear to god and all that is holy im clean, but im just wondering...


What would happen if too much insulim were injected in the body?

If too little insulimis produced by pancreas, anexcess of sugar builds up in blood and produces diabetes.


What vitamins should I buy for hair growth; folic acid and/or Biotin?

Im buying folic acid suppliments for hair growth. should i also get Biotin? And how much of each should i be taking daily? (teen girl)


Can you buy laxatives from the local grocery?

can you bye laxatives from you local stores medical sections? places liike tesco or sainsburys? how much arre they?




Is tere a place or sum to buy fake braces

Is tere a place or sum to buy fake braces like the girl america fah... Oh ugly betty lol I cant spell her last name??


Do you have to be a certain age to buy over-the-counter thrush treatment?

So, I wanted to know if a 15 year old can buy over-the-counter treatment for thrush (which doesn't need a prescription) in the UK? Or do you have to be a certain age? Thanks! :D


Can i rent a wheelchair without buying one?

I have a broken ankle and crutches are not good right now, i live in alaska and ice is my enemy. Is their companies that rent out medical equiptment?


Where can I buy terminalia chebula?

People please tell me if there is a way to get terminalia chebula I've heared that it works great for hemorrhoids and many other things I really want it...


Cervical cancer injection

Hi, erm I'm meant to be having the cervical cancer injection the 1st of 3 tomorrow. I know this sounds silly but im so scared I have a major injection phobia. I was just wondering who else has had these, and how did it go?

Thank youu :)


Buying good herbal sleeping aids

Buying good herbal sleeping aids. Anyone got any ideas? I have major trouble falling asleep. I know there are herbal sleep remedies, and need to find one. I have tried Valerian root, but that makes me sleep during the day.


Can you buy laxatives at any age?

I know they're extremely bad for you, but I'm in need to lose weight. First of all ARE YOU ALOUD TO BUY LAXATIVES AT ANY AGE? I'm 15 years old, and I want to buy some, I would use sparingly though... PLEASE ANSWER!


How can I ask my mom to buy me pads?

I need pads , I didn`t start my period, but just in case. If I get it at school, we have no school nurse, and no where to get pads. I am not at all nervous to buy them myself , but I am nervous to ask her for a ride to town to buy them , and there is n...


Where can I buy N-acetylcysteine (NAC) in Canada?

Its a pretty common supplement.. Or its suppose to be, I can't find anywhere that sells it and I can't buy it online. Help would be WONDERFUL. I really need it to help treat a medical condition of mine. Thank you!


Carry Insuline Injection to KSA

I am required to travel KSA fron India/UAE for Business. I am a Dibetic Patiant. Shall I carry Insuline Injection with me.

Medicine kit includes: Automatic Pen Type Syringe, Niddles, Insuline cartage.

With regards
U. C. Dalela


Contraceptive injection

I'm looking for a type of contraception that won't change my moods, I've taken the pill and been on the patch.. Both worked but made me unbarable to be around with my constant temper. Does anyone know if the injection does the same? And is it bad for m...


How far along am I if my HCG Level is 80?

Hi I was woundering if someone could help me. I went to the ER on saturday and they told me my HCG levels were 80. I was woundering how far along am I exactly I tried looking at a chart but I just don't understand them. So if anyone could explain to me...


How to convince my Mom to buy a scale?

I really wont to by myself some weighing scales, Just to check my weight nothing more im not obsessed at all. We was in a shop and there was some scales I asked my mum for some and she said no You cant have them I dont wont you obsesing over your weigh...


Depo injection

I had my first depo injection a while ago and have been on my period for 4 weeks running now.. I know peoples bodys are different but should I get off of it or wait for the next one to see.. Im going on holiday in january and dont want to be bleeding t...


What toothpaste is better to buy?

I dont mean brands, but i was looking for a good toothpaste, but there are a lot of toothpastes with different things, i finally i think i will choose this one with baking soda and tartar protection, but the other one says baking soda with peroxide, so...


Why are people saying there is an AIDS group injecting people?

So I've been hearing that there are groups of kids walking around in raves injecting innocent people with needles/syringes full of HIV positive blood. I'm not sure if this is true or not and by the way, I AM NOT A RAVER, I'm just curious about this. If...


am I prgnant? the signs but never missed injection except purposely

I have been on depo for about one year and so scared I pregnant lol all the kinds of symptoms but me and partner are pretty sure theres no way I could be as I never missed and injection and am just giving my body a break.. sore breasts nausea swollen s...


How do I know im pregnant without buying a test and without going..

To the doctor. Im late 7 days I have realy un normal periods. I got off the depo shot about 4 months ago I didnt get my first period untill 3 months later and then it was 2 weeks long.. How do I know im not pregnant now and my periods is just messed up.


He's injecting.

NO like websites and stuff, I don't want to give him that. he won't look at it.

Okay right, my best friend said he's been smoking weed every night, then injecting. Its not the weed because I've had my experiences with it, and I know it isnt ...


Should I let my boyfriend buy me breast implants?

My boyfriend wants to buy me breast implants & I'm not sure whether to accept the offer or not. We have been together for just under a year, im 24 & he is 32. He earns very good money. My breasts are small, and I am forever padding my dresses & tops to...


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