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Vitamin Water and kidney stones

Does Vitamin water attribute to kidney stones?


Why did my period stop if I'm not pregnant?

I have been late on my period for 3 months. Then this month I didn't have one at all. I've taken two test which both came up negative. So if I'm not pregnant what else could be going on!? Is everything okay?


Is it okay to eat cooked, dried fish during pregnancy?

in our culture, we are used to eat cooked dried that okay in pregnancy?


think I might be pregnet im not sure.

hmm I think I might be pregnet im not sure.. I read about things that say the "signs" but I was just wondering if I should know more like is there anything you guys can tell me.. I mean im not sure yet.. I still have to take a test but im just wonderin...


How, if im on my period can I still use a dildo?

Excuse the how at the beginning, anyway well im realy horny and I was just about to use my dildo:$ and I discoverdd im on my period? can I still use it ? please answer xx thanks


Has the flu passed

I'm gonna try not to sound gross and its a pretty simple question... If I havent thrown up for a day almost 2 days would you say the flu is over?


Is it all just a cold?

After coughing for about 10 seconds, I seem to be throwing up stuff, this only happened twice so far, last night I had a drink of water, I started coughing after I took a drink and I threw my water back up.
A few minutes ago, I was coughing for a whil...


My period 1 week late and I am not pregant

I have a 12 month old and my periods are every 30 days like clock work. I am 1 week late and I have taken 5 pregancy test all negative? What is wrong with me? Am I going thru menapause? Has this happened to anyone else? Also 6 days after ovulation I ha...


Why am I spitting so much?

It started two weeks ago, spitting non stop. I'm spitting out saliva like water. I tried chewing gum but it just make me spit more. Every minute I'm spitting. What the hell is wrong with me?


Foot coverd in varoca/warts :'( so embarissing

Okayy I've had varocs( sorry 4 bad spelling) for 5/6 years and more and more keep appering I have a big group of them on my it toe (about 3 to geva) and I have 5 on the ball of my foot. I realy want to get rid of them so I can wear flip flops bcoz its ...


Would meth clear in 3 or 4 days?

would you be able to get meth out of your system say within 3 or 4 days?


When you go to sleep high, do you wake up high?

If you smoke really strong weed and go to sleep can you wake up high the next day if you only slept like... 4 hours? Or less? Because, I know someone who got high for their first time then came to school all mellow, giggly and zoned out. Could that be ...


Why do I have a deep hole in my chest area?

Why do I have a deep hole in my body (chest area) my mum said when she was going to give birth to me they had to cut her open and get me out is that the reason why I have that? And how can I get rid of it because im scared of taking my t shirt off in t...

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How to get rid of a cough without medication?

How to get rid of this nasty cough I just got outta nowhere. I just have coughing and that's all. Wow, I've been coughing so hard a tear jsut camed out my eye! Haha, random. HELP ME! Thanksss!

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Am I a normal weight at 80lbs and 4'11''?

I am 21 and weigh 89 lbs and I am 4"11 am I skinny or prefect weight

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Is this color of my vagina normal?

Ok I am Sooo Sorry for this question It is a little crude.
Kay well I like Shave it and Stuff... But The Skin around the lips is like darker then the rest of my skin Im pretty tan Bc my father Is frum brazil but Not Nearly THAT Dark... Around my Lips...

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Why do I smell so bad down there?

Why do I smell so bad down there?


what happens when you get a physical at walmart?

what do they do to you?


Why does milk upset my stomach in the morning?

So this is really strange and it's been happening to me for years and I'm just wondering if anyone knows why. When I drink any kind of milk in the morning after I wake up I get a stomach ache, or sometimes nausea, I've even thrown up from drinking milk...


Ringing Ears

I went to a club 3 weeks ago and I still have ringing in both ears. I've looked into this and I'm suffering with tinnitus. Has anybody else has this? Will it pass?


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