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How to survive a breakup

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hiding my body....

this MAY sound kind of weird, but lately my breasts are starting to grow bigger[but not so big that it is really obvious] and im a late 'bloomer'. when i wear t-shirts, i have been trying to hide my breasts, e.g. wearing a singlet top over my bra, it s...


Normal to love going to the hospital?

to like love going to the hospital. I LOVE the hospital, I dunno its fun. normal, no?


What does sweating on the nose mean?

I've heard that if you sweat on the nose normally it means your evil or mean.

Whats the origin behind it?


How can I hide my cutting?

I can't stop cutting.I was able to stop for a while but now everything seems worse.More people are noticing the scars on my arm and my mom is about to come home from a trip and I don't want her to see any more marks does any one know a good way to hide...


Am I allergic to tampons?

Whenever I have my period,I try to use sanitary pads,because if I dont,after my period,the inside of my vagina,like where the tampon would go,gets extremely itchy,and I have the thickest discharge ever.
When I use Sanitary pads throughout my whole per...

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Can you get a concussion without actually hitting your head?

I was jumping off a big tall rock into the water. A man said he checked for rocks, and there wasn't any. But, I found one...with my feet. I didn't hit that hard, but the impact made my head hurt instantly. Can you get a concussion with out actually...


What happens if you don't inhale the smoke of a cigarette or a cigar? i smoked my first cigarette and my first cigar..i didnt inhale the smoke just once of twice..but what is the effect of just blowing the smoke from your mouth? are you still inhaling the nicotine? that doesnt affect my lungs at all? can i still


Why do I smell so bad down there?

Why do I smell so bad down there?


Why am I always wet down there (vigina)?

Why am I always wet down there (vigina)? Please help it really inbarising

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How to help the blisters in my throat?

Well its 11pm and nothing is open around here to get medication... my throat is sore from being sick, and I have blisters in the back of my throat! What can I do! Gargling salt doesnt work so dont say that one lol...


Can a tampon break off inside you?

can a piece of a tampon break off inside of you but the rest off it come out? I am not saying that this happened but about a month ago I started using tampons and it hurt so damn bad oh my god but it still hurts down there and I was just wondering if a...


Why do I smell like ammonia down there?

Why is there an ammonia like smell coming from my vaginal area.


Nipple Piercing

I have had my nipples pierced for like 7 years but I've also noticed that this white crap comes out of them and it stinks. I've tried washing them everday and them finally I took one of them out to see well, I guess I dont no why I took one out but an...


Bumps on my vagina that just won't go away!

Please help! I have been shaving my vagina for a long time now, to come to the same problem everytime. I always get bumps, which I know is from the skin being irritated, but sometimes also the bumps tend to turn into ingrown hairs, and then instead of ...


Pelvic exam chaperone

I am really nervous about the possibility of an event. My girlfriend might need a pelvic exam. We promised each other that once we lost our virginity that no one else would see us naked. Now her mother is adamant on going into the exam room with her...

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How long does it take for birth control to become effective after switching brands?

I recently switched my bc because I was bleeding a whole week before my period started. I was taking ortho-tri cyclin for 3 months and this Sunday I'm starting my 4th pack. The 4th pack is the new brand. I know it takes about 3 months for bc to become ...


Can kegel exercises shorten your period?

I have 3 kids and have my tubes tide. My period last 8 days and I cramp and bleed really bad. Is there anyway I can shorten my period naturally to 3 to 4 days???


Can you take a pregnancy test while you're sick with the flu?

Just curiousity can a woman take a pregnancy test while having the flu and get a fair result or can the flu mess up the results and say negative when it's positive or vice versa ??


Inner thigh odor and anus odor

Hello everyone first off I want to say that it has taken me a very long time to finally ask for help with my emabarresing situation.

I am a 22 year old male and I have a serious problem with sweating coming from my groin area and my anus the sweat doe...


Why do I hump things?

Okay, sometimes when I'm alone at my house.. I usually take of my clothes, and HUMP things? I do it because it feels good. I don't know why I do it. I can't help it either! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME. How do I stop? Why am I doing this? And how do I stop?

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Why is my vagina really fat at the top?

I have a really fat vagina at the top im scared of it beacuse I am only 15 and im scared to loose my virginity to anyone because im scared of being laughed at by my first boyfriend because of my fat vag please someone give me a tip to get rid ot it??

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My vag issues

Okay, I drink like a quart of water every day, exercise regularly, and remove hair from down there. Also, I take showers normally and when I'm done, my vag smells okay so I put a bit of powder to keep it dry. I wear cotton panties but still by the midd...


How deep is your hymen?

I'm not a virgin, but my hymen hasn't been broken yet.How hard oe deep do I have to go when I finger myself?

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Can you force someone to go into hospital and get help?

My girlfriend is 19 and she has anorexia. She was recently raped and ever since then she has just gone down hill. She has taken her anorexia to new levels and i am starting to get worried about her. The other night i found her passed out on the bath...


How to get over a sinus infection fast?

Okay, I have a sinus infection, had it for about 3 days now, and its really getting to me. Does anybody have any advice on how to get over it fast because I have to take the ACT tomar.


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