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How to survive a breakup

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What do you do when you feel like no one cares about you?

What do you do when you feel like no one cares about u?


How can I stop feeling guilty after I eat?

Everytime after I eat I feel so guilty. How do I stop?


Discharge that smells like poop / fart?

okok so I have this smell like it smells like fart/poop and I have a LOT of discharge and im also "sweaty" down there I have very good hygiene I take 2 showers everyday and I know that its not a yeast infection oh and the dischatge has a smell too... ...


how can I get a bowel movement fast???

I havnt had one in 2 days. my abdomen kind of pertrudes out and I just hate it!!! I need to have one fast, and no I cant go to the store and get anything. what are some at home reliefs? what about saline salution??? I need help, I want to go like tonig...


Is it normal to get really horny at times?

Is it normal to get really hornny at times ?
What to do when you get like that ?

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Everytime you pee do you have to put a new tampon in?

Uh..this is a weird questoin.
Okay everytime I put a tampon in after a couple minutes I have to pee.
Did I put the tampon in wrong?

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Can kegel exercises shorten your period?

I have 3 kids and have my tubes tide. My period last 8 days and I cramp and bleed really bad. Is there anyway I can shorten my period naturally to 3 to 4 days???


How can I convince my friend to stop cutting herself?

my friend cuts her wrist when she is depressed and annoyed she says it takes her mind of things and makes her feel a bit better. iv tried to cpnvincer to syop and that because she might do herself some sereious harm . if any 1 has any surggestions on h...


Why don't I eat a lot anymore?

I use to eat a lot. I mean like 3+ meals a day ( not counting snacks). Am not fat never was but still I use to eat when I woke up then a few hours after that. Then dinner then midnight snacking ect. Lol I use to alway stuff my face. But the last few da...


Should I switch to Adderall for ADHD?

When I was about 1 years old
I started walking
I was about 1 1/2 when I could run around
I was about 2 years old and I was able to open doors
And even get out of my house to run and play
I would even cross nearby major streets to go to
Corner stores


can I give fresh milk to my 5 month old baby?

can I give fresh milk to my 5 month old baby

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What's the average weight for 5'3''?

I am 5'3 and I don't know what the average weight is..

What is it?..


Can I get pregnant right after my menses?

how many days after your menses you can get pregnant?


Digestive problem

ever sense I can remember I have had rocky feces but I don't know why, I eat lots of fruit in my diet, I work out everyday, I defecate everyday, I even started to eat paper for fiber but it the feces doesn't form correctly and it gets to the point wher...


Does being a few days late mean I'm pregnant?

I'm 14 years old and I haven't had my period for about 2 or 3 days and I'm always regular with my period. Can I be pregnant?


If im 10 days late m i pregnant?

Im 10 days late am i pregant i didnt use protection???


Pregnant and bleeding.

Ok, I got my pd. about 3 days late, ( started today, ugh) and I've been having cramps, bloating, fatigue, and muscle cramps for the last couple weeks.

I don't know whether or not I still have the possibility of being pregnant and I was just wonder...


Can you still be pregnant if you're bleeding heavily?

Can you still be pregnant if your bleeding heavily? I took a test 5days early and it said I was pregnant. My period was suppose to come but it was 4days late and the next day, I started bleeding heavenly and I dont know whats going on with me. Am I sti...


Am I Pregnant If Im Bleeding

am I pregnant if im bleeding

I had cravings for sweet desserts for a couple weeks when I hardly eat sweet deserts. Im contantly hungry. My period just started a few days ago after being 5 weeks late. Im not totally convinced that im on my period even ...


Why am I 43 days late?

Its hard for me to believe that I am and I refuse to take a test ( I have an appointment Feb 15th) But I just want to know is there any other possible reasons why I've missed 2 periods??


Is 8 days late too soon to take a pregnancy test?

Hello I got my period April 7th and it left around the 12th. I haven't gotten my period this month and I've been feeling real sick, nausea, light headed, sore breast, a little bit of cramping.I've taken 3 test and they all say I'm not pregnant. Is it t...


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