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How to survive a breakup

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What to do when I'm kicked out and pregnant?

I'm 14 and I'm pregnant.. I have no idea what I'm going to do. My parents kicked me out this said im a slut . I dont know what to do. my family wont talk to me when I told the dad my boyfriend or should I say ex hes 16 and he left me we used a condom ...


What can you see in a MRI scan for the uterus?

I was wondering if they can see if your a virgin or not with an MRI scan for the uterus? Can they see the if the hymen is broken? And if they can't see the hymen, can they find out somehow that your a virgin or not ONLY by an MRI scan?


Why can I feel my heart beat in my butt?

Whenever I sit down I have like my heart beat thing in my butt
Why is that?

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STD through a Lap Dance in Strip Club ?

In a fully nude lap dance, is there chance of any STD spreading if the guy is not wearing any underwear inside ?

I.e the Fluids from the Dancer can cause STD this way by seeping into the cotton shorts ?



My pee smells like fish!!

In the past three days my pee has been smelling like fish and everytime I have to pee I feel ticklish down there after I am done, but it seemes like I need to keep on peeing even though nothing is coming out...please help!!!


Can you get a girl pregnant by fingering?

Ok now I have been wondering if you can get a girl pregnant by fingering them if like you had maserbated like and hour before or something soo yeah I was wondering that

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neck and shoulders hurt

my neck and shoulders have been hurtin 4 the past few days. I havent done anything 2 make them hurt! why does my neck and shoulders hurt? what can I do 2 stop it?


Sore Red Rash under nose and above lips

I got this really sore red rash around my nose from using toilet paper for blowing my nose and not using tissues. I have a cold , and I have a rash above my lip and one under my nose. is there any home remedies to get rid of it, I dont want to go out b...


how 2 become healthy

um 22 years old & only weight 50 I want 2 be a healthy person.what medicines should I tak?pls you giv ans.


Are muslims allowed to use tampons?

I'm 15 and I still never got my period. I just moved up to a higher level on my swim team im supposed to come everyday. If I constantly miss too many days I'll get moved back down. I'm muslim so I cant wear a tampon im scared im going to start getting ...


got braces put in 3 days ago and they hurt !!

I had my braces put in 3 days ago and they are proper hurting me plus I had 2 teeth taken out aswell , but its mainly wer the teeth have been removed that hurts I've took pain killers they dont work is they anythink else I can do for them to stop hurti...


im 5 weeks prego

I am 19 and just found out that im pregnant my parents do not know yet and when the find out they are going to be disapointed. I am only 5 weeks and not showing yet. I want to tell them befor I start showing. when exactly does a pregnant woman start sh...


What do I do if my thrush capsule didn't stay in?

- I inserted the thrush pill into the vigina around 2-3 hours ago but it come out when i went for a wee - its i dangerous, have i done something wrong and what should i do?


Can birth control make ur boobs bigger without you getting fat?

lol and i also need to regulate my period..

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How old do you need to be to get an IUD?

I'm 19, never had a kid and don't plan on it until a few+ years. can anyone get an IUD?


6 weeks pregnant and terrified with spotting & loss of symptoms!

Hello, I am exactly 6weeks pregnant today and for the past 5 days I have been spotting (brownish in color) off and on. The spotting has varied in heavieness and my Dr. said there may be spotting after the pelvic exam that I had 3 days ago but why is it...


Missing one depo shot

I was schedule to get my shot and missed it can get pregnant if I dont get the next one niether.


Are there benefits(healthwise) to waking up early?

Or is it better for you to sleep in (both having enough sleep time)?

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What does stress disorder mean?

Wht does


Is it when you get stressed a lot
Or is there another word at that


getting marijuana out your system

if you smoked weed everyday and your getting a blood test for weed at random times, how do you get the marijuana out your system?


Why don't i feel emotionally scarred?

This is probably the most stupid question you guys have read, but basically I was raped last week, and im in shock but i dont feel like frightend or disgusted or upset etc... is there a reason? will all these feelings come later on? I dont even cry whe...


How to find out that you are pregrant?

how do you know when ypur pregrant without takin a pregrancy test

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Vitamins ; cause neon pee?

Lol my mom has me taking these anti-stress vitamins for my anxiety and every time I take them I piss neon yellowish green. Why?

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light brown peachy dishcharge

that looks like a peach color,its been happening for a few days now,its not even a flow its just their when I wipe,what is this? my period was March 13th and it lasted 8 days.


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