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How to fix a broken finger?

How to fix a broken finger?

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Things to use to finger yourself

What are good things to stick yourself with


Are there home remedies for stomach viruses?

I am going to go shopping tomorrow and I was wondering if there was something I could buy to help me through the nausea from whatever stomach virus or bug has gotten to me. Is there home remedies that I could use to make myself feel a little better? ...


Do you think any of these sound like a form of OCD?

Whenever i see my mums chair facing the door i push it against the window, i feel really uncomfortable if it facing the door. i actually fear some foods, like if someone even came near me with ketuchup i like, cry.
i make my bed every night before i g...


Physicals for girls.

okay im 13 and I have to get a physical for cheerleading on wednesday...alls I what to know is EXACTLY what they do. im scared of this, are they going to put their finger in me. do I have to get a pap smear? im super scared please help!

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Can I sleep with a tampon in?

Can I wear a tampon to bed? I'd wake up about every 4-5 hours w/ my phone alarm. Could I sleep with it in if I wake up to change it?


My finger itches

The tip of my index fingr itches!(wierd, I ko) how do you get rid of the itch and why does it itch like crazy!...??

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Help! Vomiting,dizzy etc.

This pass week I've been feeilng sick, vomiting, dizzy, I cant hold any food down, I have pain around my stomach. I've been trying to get crackers that helps little but not much. I forcemyself to eat and everything goes right back up. Could anyone help...


Why is my sperm clear?

I am 14 years old and my sperm is still clear why hasnt it turned white yet?


My first period

Ok I need help I started my period on forth of july and you was having really bad cramps so I went to the bathroom and when you wiped there was a lot of blood and I thought I started my period the first night I had it I bleed a lot for the first time I...


How can I find out if I'm pregnant - I was raped?

I was raped and I'm not sure if I am pregnant or not so do you know how I can tell or if I can get a pregnantcy test at dollar general (because I live right next to it so I could walk there) and I CAN NOT TELL MY PARENTS because they are getting a divo...


I make myself miserable.

Why do I make myself miserable? I do things that I NO will depress me, I listen to certain songs that I NO will bring down my mood..why do I do this to myself? I feel like I've turned into succchhh a miserable negative person. I act happy, but I feel l...


What happens when you snort mints?

I know...the usuall comments (yawn)
''why would you do this?''
''its stupid''
But I cba with all these comments, if you dont have anything to help, dont bother writing it(:
Only comment if you are here for advice not a lecture, thanks :-d


What does ecstasy make you feel like?

jusss wonderin

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If you Whip your child with a belt and at first it leave welts for over 24 hours, and then it turns into a bruise, even if the bruise isnt that dark, but you can tell its there, is it child abuse?


How - do girls live longer than guys?

Do females live longer than males?

I was just curious because I've heard that it's true...

Is it?

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Why is my discharge yellow?

most of the people I no have white discharge
but I have yellow
is there something wrong with me


Why do I keep feeling high for no reason?

Sometimes I will just be sat down, doing nothing and all of a sudden ill start to feel high, I dont understand why :/ help??


Why does it burn when I'm getting fingered?

Well I've been fingered more than once. And before it doesn't hurt but all of a sudden its starting to burn? is this normal or is it a bad sign? I've always used protection and when I'm getting fingered its fine. just recently getting fingered really b...


Why is my nipple bleeding?

I last night when I was getting into bed I realized that my nipple was a little red. Then I realized that it was bleeding a little but from the inside (like I guess where breast milk comes out later). I am only 14 so I don't know if this is supposed ...

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What is this itchy discharge?

there ia a green and sometimes yellow gischarge which itches


system cleaner

whats the fastest way to get weed from your system besides the pill?


pregnancy, conceving

trying to get pregnant

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