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Breast Milk without a baby?

I have no any baby but i have milk in my breast what is is happing possible ????

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can breast milk be producted by not being pregnant

can breat milk be producted without a woman being pregnant are not

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is it to late to try to prevent a hangover after drinking a bit?

I have only ever drank and got drunk once so I don't know a whole lot about this. But I drank on an empty stomach ( drank around 7:30pm and last ate at 11am) I had a shot of whiskey, than had a cider, than two smirnoff ices, and a bit of beer. Am I sc...


Bumps on my vagina that just won't go away!

Please help! I have been shaving my vagina for a long time now, to come to the same problem everytime. I always get bumps, which I know is from the skin being irritated, but sometimes also the bumps tend to turn into ingrown hairs, and then instead of ...


How long does birth control pills start to take in effect?

How long does it take birth control pills to start working?


Will premature sperm die?

Will premature sperm die??

Ok will it stayliving

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What happens when you're sore from fingering?

what happens when your boyfrined fingers you for more than one hour than the next day your sow ?


When I go to the clinic tuesday to get shots, should I take out my septum & navel jewelry (read)?

I do nooot have insurance so were just going for shots, no checkup or anything but I know when people go to the doctor they usually look up your nose, in your mouth & your ears with a little light thing, & my mom doesn't know about my septum (stupid I ...


How can I avoid getting theH1N1 flu?

My best friend just got diagnosed with H1N1. How can I avoid getting it? I saw her all the time in school and I really don't want to get it. :/

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Can someone refuse to go to a rehab/program/hospital?

Could i refuse to go into a program or something for my ED, cutting, and depression? I'm only 13 so does my mom have pretty mucch control over where shes forcing me to go?


Severe morning sickness

Is there any solution for severe morning sickness other than the doctor??


Ingrown toenail and pain

I have an ingrown toenail and it's extremely painful beyond belief. I've checked a dozen websites and I can't find what I'm looking for. my mother refuses to take me to the doctor and most of the medicine and home remedies I've tried have just made it ...


How will minimum party drinking affect me?

My friend is having a party and I might drink. I am 15, and have never drank a lot before. But if I do, like what will it do to me? I know if someone drinks like a lot it affects the liver, but will like occasional drinking hurt me at all?


Can I find a therapist to aim?

Can I find a therapist to aim?
or talk back and forth to on funadvice?
I'd like help, or counseling.
and I dont have any kind of money.
I'm only a kid.
and im currently not in school so I can't exactly go to my school counseler.


Why do I smell bad?

I think I smell like poo. is ther a condition or disease that causes this? I dont understand why I would smell bad because I shower regularly and stuff.This has only started recently.


Possible pregnancy?

If you give a bj and they cum in your mouth is there a possiblity you can get pregenant?

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Mother forcing me to take huge vitamins.

I do not believe in vitamins, I think people just sell them to make money.
When I was younger I took kid vitamins, did they work? No.
I was constantly sick and ill, I didn't see any improvement in my health.
Now my mother wants me to take these huge...


Can I have a doctor put contacts in my eyes?

I'm too scared to do it myself.

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Something Wrong With Me

I'm so weird...Please,please don't be mean,but...
I want to be insane. Like,some extreme or bizarre mental disorder. Schizophrenia or sociopath. I just think it'd be interesting to live a life as one.
Ughh,what do I do?
Do I keep trying?
Or get th...


When I finger myself, I get white stuff come out, what is it?

When I finger myself, I get white stuff come out, what is it?

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Has anyone heard or tried apidexin?? does it work? X

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