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Is black coffee considered a "clear fluid"?

I have to go for a medical test on Thursday, and I have to be on a clear fluid diet.
From what I recall back when I was working as a Dietetic Aide (nearly 20 years ago), clear fluids are relatively translucent, while full fluids are thick.
I don't th...


Does the shop Savers sell pregnancy tests?

Is savers a chemist?
And will ti sell preg test?
How much are they?
What do they look like, I mean like the boxe's there in
And what will they be next to in the chemist


Why is my bug bite flashing red to white?

It's not insanely bright but it is faintly going red to white. It kinda scaring me x.x


pigeon poop safe to be around when pregnant?

my friend went on maternity leave from work and left her office window open by mistake , its been 3 months now and she asked me to get her something out of her office for her but when I opened the door the smell and mess that I saw was awful because a ...


how can I get over depression without telling anyone?

is that possible? to get over depression without having anyone know?
does anyone know any natural things that I can do?
so far people dont know, because im always pretending im happy.
I really want to get over this.
please help ):


Heart Shaped Veins?

OMG! on my right hand My Veins Make a heart. Like its Awesome. But its so but ummm, yea, Does that mean anything?

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how come when i hold my *pee* its starts to burn real bad?

..iz it real bad or just normal?


Nipple Piercing

I have had my nipples pierced for like 7 years but I've also noticed that this white crap comes out of them and it stinks. I've tried washing them everday and them finally I took one of them out to see well, I guess I dont no why I took one out but an...


Normal to love going to the hospital?

to like love going to the hospital. I LOVE the hospital, I dunno its fun. normal, no?


Cramps that make me cry, is it normal?

Is it normal to have such bad cramps that I am crying and I notice that the only time I start to cramp is when I am passing a clot is the normal?


How can I tell if my older sister is pregnant

How can I tell if my older sister is pregnant?shew went out of town with her bfa while back now she has gained about 10 pounds she drank a 24 pack of bottled water in a day .she is bein a crazy you noe who .sayin just evil sh!t that she normally dosent...


Why is my tongue bleeding after a tootsie roll pop?

I just ate a tootsie roll pop and my tongue started bleeding a lot, I'm curious if anyone else has had this happen. I didn't feel my tongue get cut but after I was done I noticed my tongue kinda hurt then I spit and it was pure blood. I've never had th...

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How do you get your ribs to show?

How do you get your ribs to show? It's not like I have rolls or anything on them, but they just aren't visable. I already eat pretty healthy, so what do I do?


Why does hairdye make me feel sick?

I dyed my hair and had 4 fans on and a window open. I felt fine until I rinsed it all out. Now I feel ill. I cant get the smell out of my hair. Even after I washed my hair again. I feel so sick :(


Is it possible to be allergic to water?

My friend is having a bad reaction to something and she does not know what. It seems like it only happens when she drinks water. Im wondering if it's possible to be allergic to water ?


Why can't I focus my eyes in the morning?

This only happens when I wake up in the morning. I have trouble seeing/focusing my eyes, especially the left eye. One time I could not open my left eye and when I did I could not see until I rubbed it.


can you masubrate while on period

ok im wonder if I can masubrate while on my period I think I cant because my blood going to get all ova I dont know


can your hymen break when you wear a tampon?

I what to start wearing tampons but can your hymen break when you wear a tampon? Thanks.


Does Extenze work?

I've seen like a million commercials on this stuff does it actually work?


Can you get rabies without getting bitten?

I went on holiday recently to Crete, and a little dog followed me and my partner along the beach. I stroked it but I didn't get bitten or see any saliva coming from its mouth, could I have got rabies if I wasn't bitten?


Panadol and red bull?

what happenes if you drink redbull and panadol at the same time?
people say you get wasted. is that true?
and and.. I'll try that with Dakota next weekend xD
so yeah.. any side effectes?


Can shoes cause toe arthritis?

Over time I wore cheap fashion flat, tennis and high heeled shoes. These past few weeks, my toes have been cramping and curling up. It could be my weight that is making my toes hurt, but I don't know if it's from that or my shoes.


is sleeping a lot a sign of being pregnant??

is sleeping a lot a sign of being pregnant??

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How do I know my balls have dropped?

how can I like tell my balls have droped


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