How long do cramps last and what can I do to make them go away?

Answer #1

sit down for a while.. cramps can last for a few minutes usually..

Answer #2

Depends on what type of cramps you are experiencing. Is it cramps from not stretching enough before you partake in exercise or are you being too active straight after over eating? As ihathatiLOVEu said, cramps should last only a few minutes, if you were exercising when you had cramps, maybe stop whatever you are doing and so some more stretches.

Answer #3

yeah, sometimes, u may get cramps because u drank water and started exercising..just sit for a while and they will be gone..but if the cramps are because ur on ur periods, i think u should walk around slowly..:/

Answer #4

Massage it it helps alot and I don’t think they last for that long

Answer #5

period cramps can last the whole time your on your period. It differs with different people. Do not curl up in a ball. Lay straight falt on ur back or tummy. Take some pain killers or midol. Midol is made for period cramps. You can try a heating pad on ur tummy also or hot towel

Answer #6

Well not to entirely make them go away, but what helps for me is either a heating pad on the area, or ride a bike, peddling slow and perhaps drink water? If your not the type of person to take pills, as a faster replenishment to aches and pains, then you don’t have to. Another idea would be laying on your back, raise your legs and peddle in mid-air, like riding a bike, stretching out your abdomen muscles would really help the motivation ;) Hope this helps!

Answer #7

How come you shouldn’t curl up into a ball, i always do this…

Answer #8

I’ve found one of the best things is to elevate your pelvic area and legs slightly, while lying down. If you can make them about 4 to 6 inches higher than your upper body, you will feel some relief with 5 mins.

Answer #9

Natural instinct would be to curl in a ball but walking around and strectching is better in case u have to pass a blood clot… gross but yea. its helps it pass faster

Answer #10

go for a walk,if they hurt too bad to walk then,find a thick sock put rice in it then,tie it and put it in the microwave,put it on your stomach it should relieve your cramps…

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