Is there a way to stop being paralyzed when you wake up?

Answer #1

I think what you’re experiencing might be sleep paralysis. When this occurs after you wake up from sleep, you’re in what’s known as the Hynopompic state. People are more prone to sleep paralysis when their normal sleeping pattern gets disturbed, or when they get stressed out. A healthy diet and healthy habits may be able to correct sleeping and waking patterns in some people. It might be worth it to see a doctor and take their professional advice. They might prescribe you some medications like Ritalin or Clonazepam to help regulate sleeping patterns. Tons of information here:

Answer #2

(Last two paragraphs are super helpful!)

Answer #3

Cool, thx so much, its just a very scarey feeling

Answer #4

You’re welcome. I can’t even imagine what that must feel like. How long has this been going on for? & Is this an everyday thing, or does it just happen occasionally?

Answer #5

Yes its very scarey like ur awake but bein held down and u can’t move. It happens every here and again, like a hand full of times every 6 months or so

Answer #6

Wow :/ that does sound scary.

Answer #7

it happens with me too… i cant move but just for 5-6 seconds. i drink water and it gets fine.

Answer #8

Me and my dad had the same problem only my dad was worse. His doctor gave him some meds to have it stop. He still sometimes wakes up screaming but he doesn’t feel paralyzed anymore. I would DEFINITELY go see a doctor to get this fixed!!!

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