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How to upload songs to my Verizon Voyager phone?

so I just got a new phone ( a voyager) for my bday and I was wondering if anyone knew how to upload songs from my computer to my phone or how to get pics from my phone to my computer

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How do I upload pictures to my ipod touch?

Every friend that I have has pics on there.. I ask how they did it and they all say the same answer
''my cousin did it for me''
'' I dont know just did it!!''

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Camera problem

I have a digital camera, a kodak easy shareV1253, and when I go to review or look at my pictures it says unreconized file format, and wont display my pics. What wrong with it? I charged it, tried plugging it into my comp., and taking out the battery, n...



okay my gimp is having a hard time starting up and how do you edit pics on there?
it would be reali helpfull if you can answer to the best of your ability thanks!

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Pictures that move, and how

How do you do that thing with yer pictures
Where it changes colors
Or it goes to different pics
Like this cus I have no clue how to do it
I tried everything and I don't know


How to connect a Blackberry 7250 to my PC?

How do I download or upload browsers, pics, and music from my pc to my blackberry 7250? I read the users guide, but it didn't make sense to me.


how would I make a anime of me?

I wanna know is there a site where I can upload a pic of me and turn it into an anime charactor? im just curious what I would look like as an anime. lol

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Is my camera broken?

I was in japan over the summer and I went to the beach
I got sand in the camra
now it makes wieard sounds and I cant take pics it just makes sounds
is it broken???

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Picture editing sites?

Any good sites to edit pictures. Like adding fun borders, changing the color of the pic, cropping, ect, ect. Besides photobucket???


omg I cant belive I did this

I was on a chat room and this guy told me 2 send him a pic of me and I did. what can happen? I dont knk why I did this. please help

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Which phone is better- LG Encore, Samsung mythinc, Or Samsung Solstice 2?

I want A phone with Good texting, good pic, customizable, but just a really great phone!?


How can you put one picture above another one?

I've seen this on myspace, facebook, looks pretty cool where 2 pics are in 1... :]


is it possible to report an app on an ipod?

theres an ipod touch app called the "show off" app and its where ppl can put pictures of stuff on to show off. but theres something i noticed. one of my friends was on there and it was cuz of her ex bf. she sent him a cute pic of her nd she regretted i...


How to Download pictures onto my iPod ?

Ok, I thank you all for responding to my " How To download " songs into I-pod, now, I am needing help on how to download pics into I-pod, actually, it has no name, and no instructions, got it on E-bay from Eadream, prices are really good, but unfort...


Why can't I upload pictures to my website?

I am in the process of setting up a website but when I try to upload pics a seperate page comes up saying internet explorer cannot display this webpage.


good website to blend pictures?

atm im using picnik, but I cant find the blending tool. (I dont have the premium thing) any other websites I can use that can blend a few pics together? =)


Why does my computer re-download photos from my memory card?

How come when I remove my memory card to put it into my adapter to upload pics on my computer all the pictures I already downloaded download again and twice?


what website can tell me what my kid will look like is not working on my pc, I dunno y, it just wont make a pic, so yeah, what are good websites to see what your baby will looke like?


My Sounds on Samsung Messenger

Which format does a song need to be to put it into My_Sounds folder. When I send a pic text I used to be able to attach a song to it, but now I can only access my sounds to send. The mp3 songs will not work in that folder.


How do I make a basic slideshow for myspace?

How do I make a basic slideshow for myspace? I want to put the ''url'' code from the pics to a basic slideshow. Do you know how to make one? Or what website to go to that tells me? Or a website that does it? Thax, I'd appritiate it if you know.


Myspace help

Well lately my myspace profile has been stretched
At first I thought it was because I had big pics in it that was stretching it but I took everything out && its still stretched.
Can someone help me make it small again?

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Why is there a big red X under "My Computer"?

I have a xp and I want to know why when press the "Start" button and click on "My computer and see my "C" drive there is a big red X instead of the usual pic, why?


Cell Phone Picture Transfer help

How do I transfer pics from my LG Lotus to my computer?

I have it plugged into the USB port into my computer, I click "Pictbridge" and that brings up Digital Still Camera where I CAN see all my pictures, but then shortly after when I'm trying to acce...


Cellphone problem

Can anybody tell me why I cant activate my usb cable to my laptop computer ?? Im tryna send my cellphone pics to my computer but the usb cable isnt "activated" I guess.>>pleez help<<


How do I see what wbsites have been viewed from my computer?

The history is cleared, but I did download a program that showed me my husband has been on adult profile searches!! So please let me know how I can view any of the pages he might have been on.


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