How do i get eroded battery juice off my camera?

I left batteries in my kodak camera by accident and didn't use my camera for a while. The acid in the batteries oozed out of the batteries and got on the cover that holds the batteries in. It was all dry and crusty and i tried to scrape some off, but my camera still isn't working because the crusty stuff is blocking where the batteries touch the camera to get the camera power, i'm assuming.
How do I fix this?

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You can get a cotton swab, dip it in vinegar and wipe if off that way, if it doesn't fully come off get sandpaper, wipe it down then use vinegar again.
You can also use water mixed with baking soda to try to get it off. You can try using a pencil, use the graphite side to scrape then flip it over and erase the pencil marks off.
Don't touch the battery acid either, it can burn your skin.

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I used a pencil to get most of it off:) but is the vinegar okay on it since the spot with the acid has this colorful metal part that the battery touches to give the camera you know what i'm talking about? haha sorry i'm not a very good describer.

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That's good:) and if it's what I'm thinking of I wouldn't use the vinegar there since it's a liquid and you aren't supposed to get parts like that wet, it can permanently break your camera. Maybe try using just sandpaper without the vinegar and see how it comes out.

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okay thanks:) i just don't want to scratch it:/

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