How do I get my iPhone 4 to sync music again?

After updating to iOS5 my iPhone 4 lost all my music. After plugging it into the computer and syncing it says that I have all my music on there, but when I click the music button on my phone, it says that there is no content also at the bottom of the itunes page were it says all the memory info, it marked that I had over 3gb of other memory wich I didn’t. how can i fix this?

Answer #1

Well since all you music is still on iTunes on you PC, can you just drag and drop into your iPhone?

Answer #2

no =/ you have to sync it but it doesnt work

Answer #3

I got an iPhone 4 and I don’t know how I have mine setup, but I don’t like mine to have all the songs that are in my library. So I pick and choose what songs I want and drag them over. Maybe by accident, or with the upgrade, your settings changed and now you have to drag and drop what songs you want. Give it a try. Pick and album or songs and drag them over. Then click on your iPhone to see if they are there. If that doesn’t work you may need to click on your iPhone on iTunes and click on restore. Make sure you save your pictures and videos to a folder on your computer first.

Answer #4

plug your phone into your computer or laptop that has all your music and apps, and when it recognizes that its plugged in, go up to file-sync.

Answer #5

Search it in

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