How can I change a picture from one file to a different file?

I have a picture I want to upload and everything but it’s in an adobe acrobat document and I need it to be in a bitmap file to even open it in anything but adobe reader or upload it to any website.

Answer #1

. One method is to open the file so that it is visible on your screen, and “zoomed” so that it is displayed as large as possible.
. Then press [Print Screen] which will make a copy of the screen image onto the Operating System’s “clipboard. Now open a graphics package, such as “MS Paint” or “MS Photo Editor” etc..
. Now, [File], [New], [Edit], [Paste]. ….. . ….. this should open a copy of the image in that graphics package. You should now be able to “crop” the image to remove the irrelevant border area graphics; then optionally enhance the image by correcting the colour banance, contrast and brightness; . ….. before using: [File], [Save As], to save the file in the required format. You should be able to chose a variety of file formats, and most packabes will include .bmp and .jpg as options. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #2

There are quite a few web services that convert files form one type to the next. Here’s one of them that’s online and free:

Answer #3

This requires more work but it’s actually a lot better as it preserves the quality of the image

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