How do I take a screenshot of my screen?

the PRT SC button is on the same key as the HOME button; i can never make it work. Ive tried ALT PRT SC too, it just takes me to google.

Answer #1

have you tried Ctrl Alt PrtSc? then open paint up and press Ctrl V and it might work…i know on some laptops you can’t just press PrtSc.

Answer #2

If you have Windows Vista or 7, you can just open the start menu and type in “Snipping Tool” and take a screenshot through that.

Answer #3


Answer #4

Some combo with the PrtScr button should work. If not Alt, then maybe Ctrl or Shift or Ctrl-Alt.

Answer #5

Hold down “FN” and then “PRTSC”

Answer #6

Hold down “FN” and then “PRTSC”

Answer #7

Hold down “FN” and then “PRTSC”

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