Why does my laptop turn itself back on when I shut it down?

I click “shut down” to shut down my laptop, but after I click shutdown it shuts down then imedeatly turns itself back on. The charger has a short in it (thanks to the snake of a computer guy) could that be the problem? We also don’t have the battery in the laptop because it’s life ended. Could that be the problem?

Answer #1

My laptop does that too and i don’t have those problems. I was wondering could it be overheating though? :/

Answer #2

It might be a corrupted file that won’t let you shut it down normally, or a virus. Use AVG anti-virus to check for the latter (there is a free version from http://funadvice.com/r/3jua8lgnvo)

Answer #3

That sounds like a fire hazard. You can get a Universal laptop charger to replace it for less money than the laptop brand adapter. http://funadvice.com/r/bo5uc2986un

Answer #4

Gonna check that out with my mom because we need new chargers imedeatly.

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