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Where else can I touch my boyfriend during kissing?

I'm 18. My boyfriend and I make out a lot. When we start, I'm usually laying on top of him. We start out kissing and then he'll pull my shirt up and start rubbing my back and stomach. A little while into it when we get pretty into it, we'll roll ov...


I want some funny or good comebacks

Please don't say just to ignore them. OK. I want some funny or good comebacks for when someone tells you to shut up, or says a hate you ETC... what are some good comebacks?


15 years old, what will my girlfriend think of my small penis?

I am 15 years old and am just starting puberty so my penis is pretty small and I only have a little bit of pubic hair. My girlfriend really wants to give me a handjob, but to be honest, I am worried what she will think of my penis. My penis is only abo...

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A guy I like has a girlfriend. but he keeps looking at me

I like this guy named Cameron. He has a girlfriend. They started dating about a week or so ago. Ever since he started dating her he's been looking at me, but I have no idea why. I do have some ideas of whats going through his head.
1. he likes me


How does this feel to a guy?

Ok so I just wanna know how if this feels good to a guy.
Me and my boyfriend were getting really horny the other day so he started dry humping me,which felt awesome to me. The he lifted me up around his waist and kept humping...I came prbly around 4 t...

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kissing a guy with a lip ring

I've started seeing this guy, and he has a lip ring.
it doen't put me off or that it just makes me nervous when he goes to kiss me which is why I make up an excuse or what ever and run away.
im scared to kiss him because of it, im scared incase it ge...


How do I finger my girlfriend to give her maximum pleasure

I need some tips on how to give my Girlfriend maximum pleasure, I've kinda fingered her while licking her out but it's easier to do because I can make her wet easy, I just need some tips on how to get her started

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Whats next?

When my boyfriend and I make out sometimes he puts his hand down my pants and now hes starting to take my hand and put it on his penis on the outside of his shorts. Then he asked why I didnt do anything. What can I do with out totallygoing down his pan...


how does a girl grind dance?

we were a dance last night and a girl started do grind up on me and I got realy hard and horny. Is it normal and will she like it to. So should I keep grinding on her but even though I am hard. Please I need to known ansewer me back asap?

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what dies it mean

I was fingered (guy had long fingers) I started bleeding... I have a little bit of discharge with blood in it... I was fingered about 4 to 5 days ago... does anyone know what might have happened... I am worried that something was scratched


What can I do if my boyfriend touch my ass?

I have been with my boyfriend for five months (we both have 15). we always kiss but one day when we were kissing he put his hand in my ass and start touching it (this was the first time he did that). I dont know if this is noormal in a relationship be...

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What does it mean when your boyfriend rubs your vagina?

Today my boyfriend put his hands on my vigina but not probaly as I had trousers on but he started rubbing me there and it felt nice but I wanna no what that means if you guys evan no what I mean lol but im only 14 nearly 15 but I dont care I love him

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Is it OK that I touched a girl's butt as she slept?

okay so the other day my sister had one her friends stay the night and she slept on my couch. I went up to her and started feeling her butt and putting her hand around my schlong and jerking myself off with her hand, but she woke up and kept on doing i...

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How is it possible to hurt a girl when you finger her?

Im 15 and me and my girlfriend just started touchin more about a month ago and she is very shy.the first time I did finger her it started as just kissing and touching then she laid down and pulled me with her and then she told me that she wanted me to ...


Some female advise please...I'm kind of freaking out

I'm bleeding from my vagina and I know its not my period because when I'm on my period its a different shade of blood and it would be a week early for my period. How do I know if my cherry was popped? like is my vagina suppose to look any different? Ye...


What is this stuff in my underwear?

ok im confused, im 13 I havnt started my periods yet but well its kindof imbarassing but I get this stuf in my underwear its like a creamy colour and well I dont know if its normal I know its not c*m but I dont no what else it could be please help x


Why did I cry after being fingered?

Yesterday was the first time I've been fingered by my boyfriend. After he was done fingering me I broke out crying and I have no idea why. I told him I didn't no why I was crying but then I just started to make up excuses. To make things worse, I looke...


My crush has a girlfriend, what do I do?

I have a crush on a guy that has a girlfriend what do I do ?we are friends and close but around his girlfriend he ignores me sometimes and when she's not around he's all hangout type and his girlfriend doesn't even care if he flirts with other girls.I ...


what does it feel like to get fingered?

well let me start out with something im dating this guy and I really think he is the one. but when we are getting intimate. I love it. until he tries to get in my pants to finger me. im not sure how to react. I told him no. and I guess he understands.


My Ex-wife Wants Me Back, What Should I Do?

My ex wife wants me back. First of all, we were married 13 years when she started having an affair with a co-worker. She then left me on February 14th, Taking our 9 yr. old daughter. Our 12 yr. old son wanted nothing to do with her for the next year. W...


How do I beat him at his own game?

Hey guys...crazy question but lately my boyfriend seems to be playing games with me. Il msg him wheni know hes not busy and he'll take forever to reply (he usually replies right away)...he just keeps playing all these cat and mouse games to see how far...


What does it mean when a guy calls you beautiful?

What does it mean when a guy calls a girl, "beautiful"? I read somewhere that guys rarely use the term, "beautiful" to describe a woman..they usually say she is "hot" or cute" and if they do say "beautiful" it must mean they really like them..This guy ...


My Husband Lies - I caught him Lying to me about lunch, what to do?

Hello, I need some advice. My husband lies to me all the time. I always find the lies, and when I do he gets really angry and tells me that I am invading his privacy.

He lies about where he gets things. Like he'll take his lunch to work and then wh...


What if I'm falling in love with a married woman?

I think I am falling in love with a married woman at my work place.I have known her for three years but we started talking and getting close in the past three months. She is not happy about her marriage and regrets getting married at an early age. S...


Pranks to get rid of Mom's new boyfriend?

OK so, my boyfriends mom just recently started dating again, and its pretty recent to the divorce. It kills him! the fact that shes dating but the guys thats shes dating are even worse. Just the other day his[[my boyfriend's]] sister went to pick somet...


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