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Why my guy friend has to be so rude to me?? T_T

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well I never have many friends, just a group of close friends consisted of 4 girls including myself, and 3 guys (fake names: Kevin, Joe and Nick-they're so close to one another <Jonas> like brothers^^). All 7 of us has been friends for 7 years now.

I'm having a problem with Nick. He acted strangly these days. I don't understand why he has to be so angry because I accepted the way Kevin and Joe having fun with me. It was disrespectful, as they liked to pick me up and drop me anywhere they liked, they teased me until cried sometimes, but I still like them-a lot better than with Nick! I told them I didn't like it too many times before, but they never listened. Besides, I couldn't defend mysef against them so I decided to try enjoying it, but it make Nick so angry. I didn't understand why he has to be so mad, I mean we were all friends for 7 years now and that happened a lot, like a tradition, Nick knows it too. So now he couldn't accept it?

Everytime he was angry, he always said rude things to me. Said I was not only a naive-pathetic-spoiled-daddy's little princess, but he said he never met someone as dumb as myself! As a woman, he said I was weak, fragile, defenseless, useless. Those words came from his mouth quiet often. And because I was sick but still pushed myself to follow my university schedule, he said I think like a brainless sheep, that couldn't differenciate right and wrong. Then well, when we went somewhere with one of our best girl friend last Friday, I fainted in the restaurant, and he had to take me home and carried me to bed. When I called him to say "thanks" he said I've wasted his time and energy to pick up my stubborn head. He said he wasn't my husband, and it wasn't his job to pick me up to bed. (Well, I didn't asked him for a help, he could pretend he didn't know me and leave!!!) He added it is better if I never had ears as I didn't use it to listen to him.

Sorry for this long details, but can you tell me why did he has to be so rude?I'm his close friend for God's sake! He supposed to defend me, support me, help me out, but look, he insulted me, crushed my heart with his feet, judged me! What did he want? I don't want to talk to him for sometimes now, I'm tired, and I don't want to waste my tears on him ever again. But I'd still like to hear your perspective and suggestions about my 'evil' ex-close friend and what should I do with our friendship. Thank you so much.