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Is this overdoing asking someone to homecoming?

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I'm planning on asking a girl to homecoming (I've know her for a long time, but just as friends), however, I've learned that two other people would like to ask her (not a soul knows who I want to ask). So, I want to ask her as early as possible (there's two days I can do my plan, 36 and 33 days before the dance).

Since I have competition, I'd like to make asking her memorable (I'm a junior, so I can't go to prom, so this is the only dance where I ask), so I've come up with a plan:

I'm part of drumline, so I plan to involve them. I'll have a friend bring her to the band room. When she walks in they'll start playing. Then, a friend and I will walk out of the instrument room with a banner that says "Homecoming?". I'll give her flowers, then motion to the sign, and ask "so, homecoming with me, what do you say?".

The question is, am I overdoing it? It seems like quite the production, and while this is my only time this year I'll be asking someone to a dance and I'd like to go all-out, I'd also like to be reasonable and respectful. Thoughts?